Achieving Goals Faster

Solutions of Dynamsoft's Capture and Recognition SDKs

Use Cases

Mobile Web Capture

Capture documents from mobile devices in web browsers

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Passport MRZ Scanner

Capture and extract user's information from machine-readable travel documents, especially passports.

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Driver's License

Read the PDF417 and extract information on AAMVA driver's license and South African driver's license.

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Batch Barcode Scan

Batch barcode scanning for inventory counting of over 100 items

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VIN Codes

Scan and decode VIN codes on vehicle door stickers at different distances and angles.

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DPM Code Scanning

Scan the etched codes despite of surface imperfections, bad lighting, distortions in dots, and low color and contrast.

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Industry Solutions


Make life easier for drivers and exceed delivery expectations for customers.

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Fast, accurate scanning from assembly to dispatch.

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Financial Services

Fast, secure scanning for frictionless customer transactions

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Barcodes have long been used in retail, and the possibilities for their use continue to evolve and grow.

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Pathology Tracking

Enable efficient batch pathology sample tracking for Digital Pathology Solutions.

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Air Travel

Dynamsoft imaging SDKs help streamline airline operations to boost efficiency and improve collaboration.

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Scan Boarding Pass

Scan Boarding Pass with a Smartphone to Streamline and Speed-up Airport Processes

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