[Deprecated]Achieve Cross-Platform Web Scanning with Dynamic Web TWAIN V12.0

Sep 22, 2016
[Deprecated]Achieve Cross-Platform Web Scanning with Dynamic Web TWAIN V12.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 12.0 of Dynamic Web TWAIN, the JavaScript TWAIN scanning library for your Web application. The new version includes multiple new features and improvements that facilitate your development of web-based document scanning solutions to satisfy your users’ needs.

Web Scan from Any Platform without Extra Installations

The new version adds support for web scanning from desktop/laptop, tablet and smartphone platforms. End users can connect to a remote scanner and scan documents from common browsers via any device. Only one machine requires installation of the Dynamic Web TWAIN Windows Service. End users are not required to install extra components, such as plug-ins. scan document from mobile browser How to enable remote scan?

Enhanced Security

We also added new security features for scanner/webcam access and local file access. You can now control whether a specific website and a user can access imaging devices or local files. It helps avoid unauthorized access from online document management applications to peripherals and local disks.

Bulking Image Upload

The new version also added support for bulking image uploads with the new method, HTTPUpload. For big image files, you can now segment the image data during transfer. This way, the upload won’t fail due to the limitation of the size of an HTTP post request on the server side. Learn more about what’s new in version 12.0 How to upgrade to the latest version Get v12 Free Trial Contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding the new version of Dynamic Web TWAIN.

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