What You Should Know About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.6

Last Updated on 2021-06-08

Dynamsoft has rolled out a new version of the Barcode Reader SDK, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v7.6. This version brings a dramatic performance boost by utilizing CPU and GPU acceleration.

Desktop and Mobile Barcode SDK


  • Improved the decoding speed by utilizing SIMD (single instruction, multiple data).

    All barcode decoding APIs have been refactored with SIMD CPU instruction optimization. Compared to previous versions, the image processing speed of the new version is improved by 5%-20%.

Other improvements

  • [Java SDK] Added Mac library into the JAR file to support the macOS platform. The Java SDK now supports Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Improved the decoding speed for when “ScanDirectly” mode is enabled for localization.
  • Improved the deblurring algorithm for linear barcodes.
  • Optimized the binarization process for 1D barcode zones.
  • Improved the decoding accuracy for 1D barcodes.
  • Improved the decoding accuracy for the Data Matrix code with a broken finder pattern.
  • Fixed a bug where the coordinates of barcodes are calculated incorrectly under some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the coordinates of barcodes are calculated incorrectly under some situations.
  • Fixed a crash issue that occurs in some situations.

Web Barcode SDK


  • Added GPU acceleration on browsers supporting WebGL and off-screen canvas. GPU’s acceleration is enabled by default for browsers that support it.

    Use the following code to enable or disable WebGL:

    scanner._bUseWebgl = true;
  • Added an experimental ‘single’ option for ‘BarcodeScanner’ ‘updateRuntimeSettings’ to optimize decoding speeds when reading only one barcode at a time.

    The “single” mode is designed for scenarios that require extreme speed, especially for real-time camera stream. To use the mode:

    (async () => {
    	            scanner = await Dynamsoft.BarcodeScanner.createInstance();
    	            await scanner.updateRuntimeSettings('single');
    	            let settings = await scanner.getRuntimeSettings();
    	            settings.barcodeFormatIds = Dynamsoft.EnumBarcodeFormat.BF_CODE_128 | Dynamsoft.EnumBarcodeFormat.BF_UPC_A | Dynamsoft.EnumBarcodeFormat.BF_QR_CODE;

Other improvements

  • Upgraded to the latest algorithm.
  • Fixed an issue where decoding a URL did not work on iOS Safari.
  • Fixed a module loading issue on macOS 10.15 x Safari 13.0.2.

What’s Next?

To get updates about Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, stay tuned to the Dynamsoft blog.

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