JavaScript Barcode Reader Coming Soon

Jul 24, 2018

In version 6.3.0, our team compiled the C++ module of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader to WebAssembly, so that users can scan barcode with JavaScript at client-side. The new JavaScript edition is not matured, in that we are still juggling between speed and stability. Currently, we are releasing it as a preview, with two builds. [update in version 6.4.1: the two builds are now merged into one.] Here is a comparison chart between the two:

features dbr-6.3.0 light dbr-6.4.1
size of .wasm 4.02 MB 4.75 MB
decode success rate medium high
download at initial visit¹ depends on the network depends on the network
browser compile speed² quick quick
exceptions during reading medium few
memory leak possible no leak
continuous scan in a video stream not suitable suitable
upload and decode image not suitable suitable
one-off decoding in a video stream suitable optimized
memory needed during compiling medium medium
arguments for compiling to .wasm disabled C++ try-catch allowed
demo N/A see it in action


  1. Users only need to download the .wasm files at their first visit.
  2. With Firefox and Edge, the browser supports caching compiled WebAssembly modules to Indexed DB, which allows users to store structured data on the client-side. So, from the second visit forward, the browser can finish page loading in a split second by retrieving the module file. Chrome and Safari do not support the aforementioned caching mechanism. We can store the .wasm file to Indexed DB, but not the compiled module file. So compilation is required at every visit.

In the next step, we will reduce the dependency on try...catch in C++ so as to combine the two versions into one, and work out a version that is fast to load and has a stable decoding capability.

Pre-order Special: 25% off the JavaScript Edition

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader JavaScript Edition is expected to be released in 3 weeks. It’s currently on pre-order and we are offering a discount of 25% off. After official release, the software will be licensed on a per-server basis, at $799/server/year. The current promotion price is $599/server/year. If you are interested, please email to purchase. Please note that the discount expires on October 7th.

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