SourceAnywhere Roadmap

Jan 27, 2014

Since version 4.4 we have optimized SourceAnywhere to be used by large teams. . New features have included a 64-bit server, speed improvements in situations of 200+ concurrent connections, and more. And, there is more to come in 2014. Please let me know whether or not any of the following intrigues you, or any other features you wish to see implemented. SourceAnywhere 5.1 – Expected in March, 2014 From our past experiences, feedback from customers reaches a peak 2~3 weeks after major version updates are released. SourceAnywhere 5.0 was released on 01/21/2014. Within 2 days, our sales team have received 60+ upgrade requests. I believe that there are still more to come.   Once they have upgraded, customers give us feedback about their new experiences within weeks. We love to hear this feedback. Now, it is our intention to release a new minor version to address the comments and reports that we received from all of our customers. SourceAnywhere 5.2 – Expected in June, 2014 There are quite a few important features planned for this version such as the following. ¨       Folder branch ¨       Folder merge ¨       Windows Shell integration With this feature, users will be able to perform the most common version control operations, such as check out, check in, and view history from within Windows Explorer. SourceAnywhere 6.0 – Expected in Nov, 2014 ¨       Reporting We are considering adding reporting features for the use of managers. , Such features include the ability to view reports of version control operations performed (work load), and code review/permission assignment from within Outlook etc. ¨       Web Interface (to be decided) Our team is considering the addition of a web client to support browser access. Users will be able to review source code, and read reports of diagnostics data etc.. ¨       User experience Here at Dynamsoft, our R&D team focus largely on product performance such as speed, robustness, and scalability. User experience, such as aesthetics, and dialog error messages, however was not a priority. We have realized how big of a mistake this was. We now plan to revamp the design of SourceAnywhere in this version. ¨       Oracle support as the backend database (to be decided) SourceAnywhere has been using SQL Server as its backend database from the very first day. Our team is considering whether or not supporting Oracle will be a worthwhile endeavor. . I will highly appreciate any feedback on this particular matter. SourceAnywhere 6.1 – Expected in Dec, 2014 This version is intended to be in response to customer feedback on version 6.0.

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