Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.2 Released

dbr 6.2

We are happy to announce the release of version 6.2 of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, the barcode scanner library for you to quickly integrate barcode scanning in your desktop, web, or mobile applications. Highlights in Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v6.2: Decreased misreading rate for 1D barcodes Enhanced performance for reading multiple barcodes from an image Greatly improved…

Dynamsoft Mobile Browser Capture SDK Now Available!

mobile browser capture

Easily integrate mobile web capture and upload in your app We’re happy to announce that Dynamsoft Mobile Browser Capture SDK is now available. The light-weight pure JavaScript SDK enables you to easily integrate image or document capture from mobile cameras, image viewing/editing and HTTP(s) uploading to your web application. Combined with Dynamic Web TWAIN, the…

Best Barcode Reader SDK for Any Complicated Use Cases

You may need to deal with complicated cases when reading barcodes, such as blurred images, damaged barcodes, small-size, distorted, or overexposed images, multiple barcodes etc. Dynamsoft’s barcode reader SDK aims to help you deal with the most complicated barcode cases with advanced image pre-processing and barcode decoding techniques. Watch the video below and see how Dynamsoft…

Dynamsoft Camera SDK for Android 1.0 Released

camera capture Android banner

Mobile capture from Android phones We are happy to announce the release of Dynamsoft Camera SDK for Android 1.0. Along with the existing iOS SDK, you can now easily create an iOS or Android app to turn a common mobile phone into a document scanner and enables users to capture and upload documents via their…

The Pros and Cons of Various Handheld Barcode Scanners

pros and cons of various barcode scanner types

The market for barcode scanners remains robust with at least one estimate calling for CAGR growth of around seven percent through 2027. They’ve been around forever and as a result, there exists a variety of hardware to scan barcodes, each with pros and cons depending on your goals with barcode technology. A universal advantage of handheld barcode scanners is…

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