Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.8 Brings 1D Barcode Detection Speed to the Next Level

barcode reader sdk v8.8

No matter you believe it or not, the 1D barcode detection speed of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v8.8 is more than 2x faster than the previous version. If you need the best barcode SDK ever, do not hesitate to upgrade the SDK version. Download DBR v8.8 License Activation Get a 30-day FREE Trial license. Activate the license…

Faster Recognition and Word Spelling Correction with Dynamsoft Label Recognizer 2.0

Dynamsoft Label Recognizer

We have been cultivating a long-time interest in the field of optical character recognition (OCR). Today, we are excited to announce Dynamsoft Label Recognizer 2.0, which is revolutionary to version 1.0 in its ability to detect and recognize text in images. Download DLR v2.0 Highlighted Features Dynamsoft Label Recognizer 2.0 integrates OpenCV DNN to speed…

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