Fast Source Code Management Tool for Distributed Team

Last Updated on 2018-10-10

SourceAnywhere is SQL server based version control tool designed as a compelling Visual SourceSafe replacement. It is an ideal revision control system (rcs) for you if you are working with different IDE, in a distributed team.

from $299 | 30-day money back

Best Version Control, if you are:

  • Working with Visual Studio 6/2003/2005/2008/2010/2012, Eclipse, Dreamweaver for development – SourceAnywhere includes a MSSCCI (Microsoft Source Code Control Interface) plugin to support IDE integration. ( Visual Studio , Eclipse , Dreamweaver)
  • In distributed teams – The source control tool features with “delta transfers”, fast transfer compression, and even better, a unique mechanism – Cache Server, for the best performance when scaling to remote teams.
  • Migrating away from VSS – VSS import tool imports all your data history. And the resembled user interface and working style greatly reduces your learning curve. Why Switching from VSS to SourceAnywhere (PDF)
  • Accessing from cross-platforms, Command Line Client, SDK, and auto build tools:
    ( Linux, Windows, Mac; CruiseControl.NET,Ant)
Andy Hurst, Software Developer
“We were using SourceSafe and it wasn’t meeting the needs of our geographically distributed development teams. SourceAnywhere solved that problem, and we had it up and running in one hour.”

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