SourceSafe Alternative – SourceAnywhere Version Control Solution

Last Updated on 2018-10-10

SQL Sever based Version Control Software Designed as SourceSafe Alternative

SourceAnywhere, the Visual SourceSafe (VSS) alternative, offers all the functionality of VSS, plus a variety of additional features. As opposed to VSS, which is designed for secure local network, SourceAnywhere works well in remote and cross platform development environments.

As a VSS replacement, SourceAnywhere offers special optimizations for VSS users.

  • VSS History Data Import 

    VSS Import Tool ensures effortless data migration of ALL your history from VSS to SourceAnywhere database.

  • Resembled UI and Working Style 

    The resembled user interface greatly reduces the learning curve and makes and the transition straightforward. Familiar working style makes developers feel right at home.

  • Visual Studio Integration 

    SourceAnywhere supports integration with Visual Studio 2012/2010/2003/6.0 and other MSSCCI compatible IDEs. Developers can version control their Visual Studio projects in the integrated development environment (IDE) directly. Learn More about using SourceAnywhere Source Control in Visual Studio

  • No More Pains, because SourceAnywhere is
    • Stable and Secure   SSL
    • Faster remotely
    • Cross-platformLinux Windows Mac
    • Robust and Easy Backup SQL
  • More than a SourceSafe alternative, unique features
    • Shelve/Unshelve unready local changes to server without Check-in
    • Email Notification on specific source control operations occurring
    • Changeset support
    • More…
Andy Hurst, Software Developer
“We were using SourceSafe and it wasn’t meeting the needs of our geographically distributed development teams. SourceAnywhere solved that problem, and we had it up and running in one hour.”

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