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Explore the flexibe barcode reading settings to optimize for your specific usage scenario.


Try the most popular web scanner features: scan images, import local images and PDF files, edit, save to local, upload to database, and etc.


Transform any camera-equipped devices into real-time, browser-based barcode and QR code scanners.


Detects the machine-readable zone of a passport, scans the text, and parses into human-readable data.




  • Unparalleled Barcode Scanning Speed

    Speed and accuracy are two of the most important aspects to measure barcode scanning performance. How fast can the barcode scanning speed be under the premise of ensuring accuracy? To explore the limits of barcode scanning speed, we use Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK to do a test. Click the link...

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  • Build a Web Page to Scan Documents to PDF

    If you are developing a web application that requires the capability to deal with different digital file formats, chances are PDF will be a must-have file format. Scanning documents of text and graphics to PDF results in a compressed and visually clear file that can be read on a PC...

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  • Crumpled QR Codes and Barcodes in Retail Scenarios

    Today, barcode technology has become an inseparable part of the retail industry, and QR codes have become ubiquitous because of their outstanding usability and benefits. While QR codes and barcodes provide many advantages, the crumpled ones can become a source of frustration and problem for retailers and customers alike. It...

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  • Why Robust Inventory Management System is Important for Retailers

    Inventory management is the foundation of any successful retail business. A robust inventory management system helps ensure satisfied and happy customers, reduce costs, and increase profit margins by minimizing out-of-stock, reducing shrinkage, simplifying processes, and improving forecasting. To implement an ideal inventory management system in your retail business, barcode technology...

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  • Considerations on Choosing a Commercial Barcoding Solution for a Retail Business

    Retail businesses need robust barcode solutions for improving sales and inventory procedures. With the advancing technology and global disruptors like the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of barcodes in retail has become even more important than ever. When it comes to choosing professional barcode solutions, commercial-grade barcode readers clearly have the...

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  • Use Barcode Technology to Improve the In-store Experience

    As social distancing became imperative, retailers started using technology, such as barcodes, to limit physical contact by click-and-collect as part of omnichannel retail. There are multiple advantages of barcode technology in retail. It creates dynamic sales opportunities, offers deeper consumer insights, and empowers employees.  Here is how retailers can use...

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  • Trends in Retail Technology in 2021

    Just like many other industries, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the retail realm in 2020. Adapting technology became a necessity for all sorts of retailers to cater to the new normal. Since the pandemic hasn’t ended, most of these changes are here, along with some new ones. Here are the trends...

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  • How 'Remote Scan' Works in Dynamic Web TWAIN 16.2

    Before we introduce this new feature, let’s take a look at how Dynamic Web TWAIN HTML5 Edition works in previous versions. Scan Documents from a Local Scanner As illustrated above, when an end-user visits the document scanning page for the very first time, a service program is downloaded and installed...

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  • Dynamsoft is now ISO 27001 certified!

    At Dynamsoft, we are always thrilled to share our achievements with you, and here we are, with yet another one! We are glad to tell you that Dynamsoft has now become an ISO 27001 certified organization. We successfully passed the audit, which outlines our commitment to information security, and hence,...

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  • Good Document Scanning Software Improves Workflow Efficiency

    Inefficient paperwork and digital processes have been cited as being at the heart of defocusing care providers from delivering great service to patients. It’s worse when you also consider the required sharing of documentation between third-party service providers. On average, 40% of time is lost by the typical employee searching...

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