Using Visual SourceSafe - Introduction

This article is a part of SourceSafe / VSS Tutorial

SourceSafe / VSS is a version control tool used by many Windows developers. I started to use SourceSafe in 1995. Before I started to work on SourceAnywhere for VSS (a VSS remote access tool) in 2003, I only used very basic features of SourceSafe and did not even use integration in Visual Studio. After successfully launching SourceAnywhere for VSS, our team started another product, SourceAnywhere, the SQL-based VSS replacement. During the development process of these products I gained a deeper and deeper understanding of SourceSafe.

In this SourceSafe How To series / tutorial, I will write some guides, How To and FAQs about SourceSafe and will also post resources I found on the internet. This series will cover some basic and intermediate topics of SourceSafe as well as some advanced topics.

Although this SourceSafe tutorial can be used for anyone who is interested in SourceSafe, it is mainly for software developers. As you may have been using SourceSafe for a long time and know many features of VSS, I will try to make the table of the content easy to navigate so hopefully you can easily find the information that you are interested in.

SourceAnywhere - the SQL Server-based SourceSafe Replacement

The SQL Server-based Source Control Software Designed to be a SourceSafe Replacement

SourceAnywhere for VSS - the Fastest SourceSafe Remote Access Tool Recommended by Microsoft

The Fastest SourceSafe Remote Access Tool Recommeded by Microsoft