Pure and Simple Version Control Software for Enterprise Use

SourceAnywhere is a source control solution designed as a Visual SourceSafe (VSS) replacement. Using Microsoft SQL Server as the backend, it is a simple yet robust version control tool that satisfies the needs of both local and distributed development teams.

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Source Code Management without hassles, without
complexity and without expensive user training. "

The Best VSS Replacement

SourceAnywhere provides nearly all the features of VSS, plus many optimizations and new features. A VSS-style user interface makes it easy to get started, and a VSS Import Tool enables the import of existing VSS data and histories.
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Visual Studio and Cross-Platform

IDE Integration - Supports Visual Studio 2012/2010/2003/6.0, Eclipse, Dreamweaver (Windows) and other MSSCCI compatible IDEs.
Cross platform - Windows and Java clients.
Web Deployment - Automatically deploy web projects to an FTP Server. More revision control features >>

Fast. Period.

Unique caching mechanism - SourceAnywhere includes a standalone cache server, supports server-side caching, and includes numerous 'under the hood' tweaks to significantly improve client/server communication speeds.
Delta Transfer - Only transfer files that have been modified.
Compression - Speed up data transfer and improve storage economy.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Professional tech support on all aspects of SourceAnywhere, along with advice on version control best practices.
Access to instant support via live chat, online meeting, and telephone.
Quick response to feature requests and bug reports.

Enterprise-Class Source Control

SourceAnywhere is a robust version control tool and can handle more than 500 concurrent connections. It empowers developers to collaborate effectively on software, application, and web development.

Uncompromised Security

Built-in SSL and Blowfish encryption.
Password protection.
Automatic encryption of source code and cache files. SQL Server (Express) used as the backend to protect data integrity.

What our customers are saying

"We were using SourceSafe and it wasn’t meeting the needs of our geographically distributed development teams. SourceAnywhere solved that problem, and we had it up and running in one hour."
Andy Hurst, Software Developer
"Source Anywhere standalone is actually the best source control we have tried with Visual Studio 2008. It is easier to manage than Team System, more powerful than all the free based application we have tried, and has very good integration with all versions of Visual Studio (6 to 2008). "
Thomas BURNET, Programming Manager

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