Dynamsoft's SourceAnywhere version control software

Best Visual SourceSafe Replacement with Expert Service

Complete and Simple to Use: Enterprise-Grade Version Control Software

Dynamsoft's SourceAnywhere version control software (AKA source control software) is specifically designed as a more powerful Visual SourceSafe (VSS) replacement.


Use the centralized approach and Microsoft SQL Server as the backend.


Satisfy the collaboration and security needs of local and distributed development teams.


Capable of handling more than 500 concurrent connections, the most effective solution.

Source Anywhere standalone is actually the best source control we have tried with Visual Studio 2008. It is easier to manage than Team System, more powerful than all the free based application we have tried, and has very good integration with all versions of Visual Studio (6 to 2008).

Thomas BURNET, Programming Manager

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Why SourceAnywhere

Why SourceAnywhere
High Performance

Fast Local and Remote Access - Only TCP/IP used, network package round trips kept to a minimum.
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Uncompromised Security

SourceAnywhere uses SSL and Blowfish encryption to protect your source code.
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The Best VSS Replacement

A VSS import tool is provided for customers to ensure quick and easy data migration from Visual SourceSafe.
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Looking for a SourceSafe add-on to enable cross-platform and remote access?
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