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Dynamsoft Free Barcode Lookup Tool

Get access to product information instantly with our lookup tool, which is absolutely free to use! All you have to do is enter the code in the search field to find important information about a product with UPC or EAN.

Our extensive database has a large array of UPC and EAN codes, continuously expanding daily. This ensures that obtaining the desired information becomes a seamless and effortless process.

This tool is ideal for retrieving product information whether you are a retailer, distributor, or consumer- highly accurate and no charges!

What is UPC?

UPC or Universal Product Codes are standardized barcodes used for product identification and tracking in retail.

A 12-digit barcode, UPC barcodes are mainly used in North America for identifying products. Regarding the barcode structure, the first six digits contain the manufacturer information, while the remaining five indicate the product details. A final digit is added that acts as a checksum to ensure accurate scanning.

Search any UPC with this free UPC lookup tool and instantly get information, such as product name, image, and brand title!

A Free Barcode Lookup Tool that's Highly Accurate!

Our free barcode lookup tool lets you input a product's EAN or UPC and obtain the product name, brand, and image.

Highly accurate, this barcode lookup tool uses data from a massive, regularly updated database. In rare instances, the barcode number may not exist in the database, or the retrieved data may be incorrect or outdated.

What is EAN?

The EAN system is the counterpart of UPCs used in North America. EAN stands for European Article Number. These barcodes are used in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. EAN barcodes make product identification easier, which further helps in modern retail and supply chain operations.

The EAN barcode has two variants: an 8-digit barcode suitable for smaller products, including the country code, manufacturer's ID, and check digit. The other variant is a 13-digit code that contains the country code or GS1 prefix in the first two or three digits, item number or manufacturer information in the following eight or nine digits, and the last digit as the checksum for error detection.

With this free EAN lookup tool, you can instantly get information, such as product name, image, and brand title!

Scan Barcodes on the Go with Smartphones

With this free barcode lookup tool, you can use your smartphone to scan UPC or EAN barcodes on the go. Powered by the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, all you have to do is use your smartphone camera to scan the item's UPC or EAN, and it will retrieve the respective information in no time!

Note: While this barcode lookup tool can quickly provide basic details like the product's name, brand, and picture, it cannot retrieve the pricing information. Nevertheless, leveraging this information can help you find the required pricing information on other websites.