Mobile Web Capture

Mobile Web Capture is a solution designed for iOS and Android browsers. It helps developers to build document scanning web applications for mobile users to load, edit, save, and capture images from the camera right in mobile browsers.

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Document Scannig SDK
automatic capture

Automatic Document Border Detection and Capture

The solution can detect document borders, crop the document, perform perspective correction and save the results automatically, which can eliminate human intervention and keep the camera stable to save effort and ensure quality.

Ready-To-Use Viewers and Customizable Workflow

DWC workflow

Built-in Document Management

The mobile capture SDK organizes scanned images into documents, with each document encompassing one or more pages.

The data management mechanism allows for navigation and management of documents/pages, enabling actions like swapping, sharing, and deleting with ease.

image filter
Mobile Web Capture

Image Cleanup and Enhancement

Images captured using mobile devices may have problems like inconsistent lighting. The mobile web capture SDK provides filters to get a clean document image. Image-editing functions such as rotation, brightening are also available.

More Document Capture Features

Mobile Web Capture offers hassle-free document scanning accessible from any mobile device with a camera, delivering scanner-quality scans directly from a mobile browser. It is designed to be developer-friendly, ensuring easy integration into various applications.
  • Optimized for Mobile Use

    Allows scanning of hundreds of pages in one session

    Saves battery life

    Supports capture from front cameras and rear cameras

  • Built-in UI

    The mobile document scanning solution provides a ready-to-use UI for users to perform image capturing, editing, saving, and uploading.

    Flexible UI customization.

    Provides customization options such as adding custom buttons and personalizing tooltips and label texts to enhance user experience and interface adaptability.

  • Camera Control

    Camera Selection: Choose from available cameras.

    Resolution Control: Modify the scanning resolution as needed.

    Flashlight Control: Utilize camera flashlight for enhanced scan quality.

  • Completely Offline

    The scanning process runs directly on the client device which ensures all data is on-premise.

  • Multi-Format Export and Sharing

    The captured images can be exported in the following formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. It can also invoke the native sharing mechanism to share the images to targets like Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Email.

  • Customizable Scan Modes

    Continuous Scan Mode: Ideal for uninterrupted scanning of multiple pages.

    Single Scan Mode: Optimal for efficient single scans.

    Auto Crop While Capturing: Automates the capture and cropping of document borders for precise results.

    Manual Crop After Capture: Enables manual cropping adjustments post-capture.

  • No Extra Downloads for End Users

    Zero footprints. End users don't need to install anything to use your app to scan documents on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

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