Proprietary Technology for Batch Barcode Scanning

Never Miss Another Barcode Scan with Dynamsoft’s Batch Scanning Solution

Batch Scan 100+ Barcodes in Seconds

Dynamsoft Panorama™ is an enhanced module of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader. It stitches video frames into one panoramic view with all of your barcodes. This groundbreaking proprietary technology provides complete coverage of a site and detailed information with batch barcode scanning capabilities.

Dynamsoft Panorama™ can empower any business that requires efficient batch scanning to achieve a true 100% barcode scan success rate when used to its full ability.

scan code in one go

Scan 100+ Codes in One Go

Realize the opportunity to bulk scan hundreds of barcodes in one go, resulting in significant cost savings and productivity gains.

lower camera cost

Lower Camera Cost by 90%

Dynamsoft Panorama could successfully replace 10 conventional cameras, which significantly reduces the cost of procurement and installation.

gain greater insight

Gain Greater Insight by 10x

Get a full view of the batch scanning site, where all barcoded items are accounted for, positioned, and analyzed.

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Batch Scan Use Cases

Dynamsoft Panorama works with smartphones, tablets, and industrial cameras, enabling true mobility wherever it’s applied. This enables you to capture the image of the entire barcode territory in a continuous video scan without any blind spots and missed barcode scans.

  • Warehouse Inventory Management
  • Specimen Traceability
  • Library Bookshelf Management
  • Pharma Track and Trace

Driven by safety, convenience and low-cost, many warehouses turn to tracking inventory using mobile devices, such as automated guided vehicles (AGV), mobile robots, or drones.

With Dynamsoft Panorama™, the operator receives a stitched image on the server-side, which helps them take a panoramic view of the situation and discover any missed barcodes in real-time or view the decoded text results of the barcodes.

specimen traceability

At all stages of processing biological samples, traceability is always an important consideration: from the collection to the manipulation and handling, until the storage or disposal. It is a widespread practice to attach each tube, vial, or specimen cassette with a QR code or a Data Matrix code for identification.

Dynamsoft Panorama is capable of scanning dozens to hundreds of samples in one batch.

This speeds up registering samples in a database significantly. It also enables locating a specific sample from a large container in a breeze.

specimen traceability

Dynamsoft Panorama can generate a panoramic view of the bookshelves. The scanned barcode values are sent to the database to query its correct position in real time.

If a misplacement identified due to a discrepancy with the database, the panoramic view could have the misplaced book marked up in an unusual color and help the library manager to easily identify the book and relocate it to the correct place.

specimen traceability

Data Matrix is the most used barcode symbol for tracing pharmaceutical products.

Dynamsoft Panorama can help you meet the track and trace requirements of medicine packages, bundles, or cases throughout the entire logistics and supply chain from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, and then to a pharma store.

specimen traceability

How the Barcode Images are Stitched

Using Dynamsoft Panorama™, a mobile device equipped with a camera could move alongside rows of barcoded items while the camera simultaneously captures the barcode images. Instantly, a panoramic image is stitched to create a bird’s eye view of the working scenario. Now, any missed barcodes could be identified in real-time, also see the decoded text results of the barcodes for re-arrangement.

  • Local Mode
  • Server Mode

Local Mode

Dynamsoft Panorama™ supports Local mode and server mode.

The local mode allows images to be captured via smartphone, or tablet’s live video feed and are stitched together on the device. This uses a Dynamsoft proprietary algorithm designed for real-time industrial-grade barcode scanning.

Server Mode

For larger projects or drone scanning, images are uploaded via the network to a computer or server for real-time stitching. In cases where an automated robot or drone scans barcodes in a remote location, an employee can observe the barcode scanning process, enabling interactions with the panoramic images, and control the process remotely. The panoramic Imagery allows monitoring the condition of hundreds of barcoded assets remotely and saves time otherwise spent on-site investigating.

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