Interview with Windy Liu from Dynamsoft

November 2012 DeveloperIQ

1) What are the key features of Dynamsoft's Dynamic Webcam SDK?

The SDK simplifies development of online applications to capture images from webcams. It is ideal for applications such as image profiles, patient cards and user IDs. The SDK enables developers to more easily design useful features into the application. This includes editing and uploading of images to a web server or database. The SDK also enables development of image capturing from a video streams. The most attractive feature of Dynamic Webcam SDK is its comprehensive support of browsers. It includes IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

2) Could you shed some light on Dynamsoft and on your business strategy?

Dynamsoft stands for "The Dynamic center for software developers." As developers ourselves, we understand developers. We stay in touch with the latest technology trends to provide our customers the most innovative software solutions. For example, Dynamsoft has been active in the software community as an associate member of the TWAIN Working Group and as a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner.

We believe building the most secure products and offering the best customer service are our two biggest strengths. With strong focuses on security and customer service, we deliver the most secure tools and components that customers know will be well supported. These two strengths are why customers, such as Lockheed Martin and Symantec chose Dynamsoft.

3) Support is the biggest challenge. How do you provide support for your products?

Actually, a lot of customers choose us because of our great customer service. Some of them told us through email that we provided the most impressive customer service they've ever had. As any developer would agree, having distributed teams is one of the biggest challenges for companies. However, these challenges are also big chances for us to distinguish ourselves from other companies. To better support customers worldwide, we have offices in North America and Asia with several work shifts arranged for thorough reach. We also provide multiple support channels to ensure our customers can contact us in manners convenient to them. Support channels include email, forums, phone, 15*5 online chat and online meeting.

Our hosted services include SourceAnywhere Hosted, SCM Anywhere Hosted and Team Foundation Server Hosted. Users demand good hosted services by nature. Being in version control hosting for five years, I'm proud to tell you that the online uptime rate for these services is 99.9x percent.

4) Dynamsoft is the leading provider in Version control solutions. Who are your competitors in the market?

Project management is a very essential part for our developers. Over the past several years, the need for version control solutions has been developing very fast. I believe it is partly because of the joint efforts from version control vendors, including Microsoft (Team Foundation Server), Git, Perforce, Dynamsoft as well as the others. These vendors positioned their version control tools differently to satisfy developers with different backgrounds. For Dynamsoft, we understand source code and documents are the treasure to our developers. True to our focus, users will find the most "secure" version control tool from Dynamsoft.

Besides version control, the TWAIN series also plays a big role in our business. Image capture components from Dynamsoft, such as Dynamic Web TWAIN optimized for web applications, are a good option if you are looking for a secure, agile and robust SDK.

5) Can you name some of your clients in the IT industry?

Sure. Our customers include Intel, IBM, HP, Symantec and more. Besides the IT industry, we also have customers from government, banking, hospitals, manufacturing and other industries. For instance, Lockheed Martin, Nokia, Canon and NASA are also our customers. You can check out the following page for details:

6) Dynamsoft targets the IT market. Can you briefly explain your strategy to address this market?

Dynamsoft is not only targeting the IT market. Developers from government, banking, hospitals, manufacturing and other industries are also our potential customers. And, we target all our customers in the same way - with strong focus on security in our solutions and the best customer service.

7) Since India is a big market in the Software field, do you have any plans for promoting your products in the Indian market?

I agree that India is a big market in the software field. They have a lot of professional developers and well-known companies. And the software industry is very mature in India. India is a main reason why we have an office in Asia, to provide support for India customers. Over the past several years, we also partnered with many resellers from India to promote our products. Targeting developers globally, we understand that the India market is an important one, and there are big potential opportunities for us to cooperate with Indian developers.

Windy Liu is the public relations manager for Dynamsoft, focused on creating and maintaining good relationships with users, media and other external parties. Previously, she was a technical support executive for three years. She can be contacted at For more information visit: