How Dynamsoft Barcode Reader helps fight against COVID-19 in healthcare, retail and other industries

As the world continues to face the Covid-19 pandemic, innovators and governments of various countries have been trying numerous ways to contain its spread. Barcoding technology is one of them. From enabling contactless work environments to tracking testing kits to curb the Covid-19 spread, barcodes can revolutionize many processes amid the ongoing pandemic.

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Retail - Contactless Shopping

Lee Valley Tools is taking its in-store COVID-19 precautions a step further with the launch of a new mobile shopping tool, which incorporates the JavaScript edition of the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader. Integrated with Lee Valley's website, LeeValley.com, the new tool allows for mobile contactless shopping in each of its 20 locations across the country.

Over the last six months, Lee Valley Tools has enacted a variety of in-store safety measures. The launch of the new mobile feature brings an added level of safety to the in-store shopping experience.

The mobile feature is easy to use as customers don't need to download anything on their mobile device, instead they simply visit LeeValley.com when they enter the physical store, click on the barcode icon, select their store location, and start shopping. The online feature also allows customers to scan an item's bar code and see a full description of every product offered by Lee Valley Tools before deciding to purchase – from drills to dovetail saws.

"The health and safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority and our new easy-to-use mobile feature provides another layer of protection while shopping in-store during these unprecedented times," said Jason Tassé, Chief Operating Officer, Lee Valley Tools. "We're thrilled to launch this mobile tool in all our stores across Canada to give our customers a user-friendly way of making the browsing and purchase process contactless."

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user story of retail contactless shopping

Healthcare - Track COVID-19 Diagnostic Samples

We have a customer that is a New York-based company that provides services related to COVID-19 diagnostic testing and other healthcare needs. It has done millions of COVID-19 tests, using barcoding technology to track the samples because accurate recording of COVID-19 diagnostic samples is paramount.

The key feature that the company requires in their application is 100% accuracy in a web-based barcode scanner. Also, for maximum customer reach, the barcode scanner needs to work on mobile and desktop browsers. The company validated Dynamsoft Barcode Reader against other offerings and found it was the best option. Dynamsoft’s javascript barcode SDK offers many benefits like, ease of implementation, flexible licensing, and ease of use.

With the help of the barcode SDK, the healthcare company designed their application quickly, in two weeks from the point of planning to actually making it available for use.

user story of tracking COVID-19 diagnostic samples

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