Web Document Management in Chrome OS

Since from version 17.1, Chromes OS comes into the supporting list of Dynamic Web TWAIN. The supported desktop operating systems of Dynamic Web TWAIN now include Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi OS and Chrome OS. This article helps Chromebook users to install Dynamic Web TWAIN service in Chrome OS. Building web document management applications for Chrome OS has come true.

Experiencing the Free Online Document Management Application in Chrome OS

Let’s open the free online demo of Dynamic Web TWAIN.

As you visit the page for the first time, you will be required to download the *.deb file for Chrome OS.

download Dynamic Web TWAIN for Chrome OS

After clicking the download button, a file named DynamsoftServiceSetup.deb will be saved to the Downloads folder of Chrome OS. We need to install the deb file.

How to Install Dynamic Web TWAIN Service (*.deb) in Chrome OS

To install the deb file, we go to Settings > Developers to enable the Linux development environment. The process takes a little bit of time.

Once the Linux environment is ready, we will see a Linux terminal in the launcher and a Linux files folder under the Downloads folder.

From now on, as long as we connect a document scanner to the Chromebook, a CONNECT TO LINUX notification will pop up. We have to click it to make the scanner discoverable in the Linux environment.

Here are the steps to install Dynamic Web TWAIN service:

  1. Copy DynamsoftServiceSetup.deb from Downloads to Linux files.
  2. Install SANE:

     sudo apt install sane
  3. Install DynamsoftServiceSetup.deb:

     sudo dpkg -i DynamsoftServiceSetup.deb

You probably have noticed that when you right-click on the deb file, an item Install with Linux will appear in the context menu. It is not a recommended way for installing Dynamic Web TWAIN service.

The following command helps check the status of Dynamic Web TWAIN service:

ps aux | grep dynamsoft*

Trying the Web Document Management Application

It is time to refresh the page and have fun with the web document management demo in Chrome OS. The experience should be the same comparing to other desktop operating systems.

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