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Defines a struct to configure the text recognizer runtime settings. These settings control the text recognition process.

class com.dynamsoft.dlr.DLRRuntimeSettings


Attribute Type
maxThreadCount int
characterModelName String
referenceRegion DLRReferenceRegion
textArea Quadrilateral
dictionaryPath String
dictionaryCorrectionThreshold DLRDictionaryCorrectionThreshold
binarizationModes int[]
furtherModes DLRFurtherModes
timeout int



Sets the number of threads the algorithm will use to recognize label.

int maxThreadCount

Value Range

[1, 4]

  • Default value


  • Remarks

To keep a balance between speed and quality, the library concurrently runs four different threads by default.



The name of the CharacterModel.

String characterModelName



Sets the reference region to search for text.

DLRReferenceRegion referenceRegion



Sets the text area relative to the reference region.

com.dynamsoft.core.Quadrilateral textArea



Sets the path of the dictionary file.

String dictionaryPath



Sets the threshold of dictionary error correction.

DLRDictionaryCorrectionThreshold dictionaryCorrectionThreshold



Sets the mode and priority for binarization.

int[] binarizationModes

Value Range

Each array item can be any one of the EnumBinarizationMode Enumeration items.

  • Default value

[EnumBinarizationMode.BM_LOCAL_BLOCK, EnumBinarizationMode.BM_SKIP, EnumBinarizationMode.BM_SKIP, EnumBinarizationMode.BM_SKIP, EnumBinarizationMode.BM_SKIP, EnumBinarizationMode.BM_SKIP, EnumBinarizationMode.BM_SKIP, EnumBinarizationMode.BM_SKIP]

  • Remarks

The array index represents the priority of the item. The smaller index is, the higher priority is.



Sets further modes.

DLRFurtherModes furtherModes

See also




Sets the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) that should be spent searching for labels per page. It does not include the time taken to load/decode an image (TIFF, PNG, etc.) from disk into memory.

int timeout

Value Range

[0, 0x7fffffff]

Default Value



If you want to stop searching for labels after a certain period of time, you can use this parameter to set a timeout.

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