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A delegate to handle callback when Dynamsoft License Server returns.

@protocol DLRLicenseVerificationDelegate <NSObject>


Method Description
DLRLicenseVerificationCallback The callback of Dynamsoft License Server.



Initializes the label Recognizer license.

- (void)DLRLicenseVerificationCallback:(bool)isSuccess error:(NSError * _Nullable)error;


  • [in] isSuccess: Whether the license verification was successful.
  • [in,out] error: The error message from dynamsoft license server.

Code Snippet

  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  1. ```objc [DynamsoftLabelRecognizer initLicense:@”t0260NwAAAHV*******” verificationDelegate:self];
  • (void)DLRLicenseVerificationCallback:(bool)isSuccess error:(NSError * )error { //TODO: add your code for license verification } ```
    1. ```swift DynamsoftLabelRecognizer.initLicense(license:”t0260NwAAAHV*******”, verificationDelegate: self)

func DLRLicenseVerificationCallback(_ isSuccess: Bool, error: Error?) { //TODO: add your code for license verification } ```

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