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Release Notes - iOS 2.x

2.2.20 (09/29/2022)

Version Highlights

  • Improved the performance of the MRZ scenario. The recognition speed is improved by about 70%.

  • Added character normalization modes to normalize the text. This feature will improve the read rate when processing the text in nonstandard fonts like dot matrix.

  • New parameter control and recognition methods are added to fit more usage scenarios.





  • The following methods of DynamsoftLabelRecognizer class are removed
    • initLicense. The method is replaced by DynamsoftLicenseManager.initLicense under DynamsoftCore.
    • appendSettingsFromString
    • appendSettingsFromFile
    • clearAppendedSettings
    • destory

2.0 (08/26/2021)

Version Highlights

  • Added image processing modes to enhance the usage scenarios like MRZ reading:
    • Texture area detection
    • Color Conversion
    • Binarization
    • Grayscale image processing
  • Added dictionary-based correction. The dictionary is minimal and customizable to only cover a scenario-oriented vocabulary.

  • Improved the overall performance by replacing Caffe engine with OpenCV dnn engine

  • Improved the readability of recognizing skewed characters.

  • Improved the MRZ reading performance.

  • Added a core library. Migrated the core structs/classes from the LabelRecognizer library to the core library.




  • Improved the neural network performance by replacing Caffe engine with OpenCV DNN engine.


API Changes

  • Modified the parameter type of the method UpdateReferenceRegionFromBarcodeResults from NSArray<iTextResult*>* to NSArray<iBarcodeResult*>*.
  • Modified the parameters LabelRecognizerParameter.LetterHeightRange and TextArea.LetterHeightRange. The value unit of the parameters are modified from percentage to thousandth. The available range of the value and the default value are updated as well.
  • Renamed framework DynamsoftLabelRecognition to DynamsoftLableRecognizer.
  • Renamed protocol DLRLTSLicenseVerificationDelegate to DLRLicenseVerificationDelegate.
  • Renamed protocol method DLRLTSLicenseVerificationCallback to DLRLicenseVerificationCallback.
  • Removed property license.
  • Removed method initWithLicense.
  • Removed method initLicenseFromLTS.
  • Removed class iDLRLTSConnectionParameters.

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