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To support Remote Scan, as a developer, firstly you need to install Dynamic Web TWAIN, and then need the following components or configurations.

  1. Install v18.x Dynamsoft Service (If you have already installed Dynamic Web TWAIN v18.x SDK, you don’t need to install Dynamsoft Service manually).
  2. Watch the instructional video (Optional)
  3. Enable and configure Bonjour Service
  4. Configure Proxy Service
  5. Build a Remote Scan page

Dynamsoft Service

  • Provide network access, scanner access, and Buffer, IO and other operations.

  • Manage Bonjour Service and Proxy Service. Discover Dynamsoft Services with Bonjour Service enabled on an Intranet.

    • Bonjour Service
      • Register Dynamsoft Service as a Bonjour Service to make it discoverable on an Intranet.

      • Firewall exceptions need to be added to ensure that the specified ports are accessible. On Windows, they are added automatically. On macOS and Linux, administrators need to set them up manually.

Proxy Service

  • Access the scanners under the corresponding Dynamsoft Service (with Bonjour Service enabled) through Nginx Reverse Proxy.

  • Automatically find the Bonjour Service and eSCL scanners on an Intranet every 60 seconds, and then update the proxy.conf file (under C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Dynamsoft\DynamsoftServicex64_18\proxy\conf). The forceRefresh parameter in getDynamsoftService can forcibly refresh all Dynamsoft Service or eSCL scanners on an Intranet.

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