Using Visual SourceSafe - Integrating VSS with Access 2007

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With Access Source Code Control add-in, Visual SourceSafe can be integrated into MS Access to source control Access queries, forms, reports, macros, modules and data.

SourceSafe stores each Access objects as a text file. When you add an Access object to SourceSafe, Access exports the object to a text file in the working folder. Then the Access Source Code Control add-in adds the file to SourceSafe Database. When you check out/get an Access object from SourceSafe, the Access Source Code Control add-in copies the corresponding text file from SourceSafe to the working folder. Then Access imports the text file into MS Access database and turns the file into the appropriate Access object.


To integrate SourceSafe with Access 2007, please follow the steps below:

  1. Install Access 2007 Developer Extensions, which includes source code control component. You can download it from:

  2. Choose SourceSafe as the current SCC (Source Code Control) provider. For information on how to do it, see this:

  3. Open the database in Access 2007.

  4. Add the database into source control of SourceSafe. Click menu Source Control and click Add Database to SourceSafe button.

Add Access database to SourceSafe (Add Access database to SourceSafe)

  1. Then Access will prompt the following warning dialog box. Click Yes.

  1. Log into a SourceSafe database and select the location to store the project.

Log in SourceSafe (Log in SourceSafe)

Add the project to SourceSafe (Add the project to SourceSafe)

  1. Add the Access objects into SourceSafe.

Add Access objects into SourceSafe (Add Access objects into SourceSafe)

  1. Now the objects are in the source control of SourceSafe. You can find the SourceSafe functions by clicking the Source Control tab. You can also access some of the functions by right-clicking the items.

SourceSafe functions (SourceSafe functions)

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