Using Visual SourceSafe – Integrating VSS with Visual Basic 6.0

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SourceSafe can be integrated into Visual Basic 6.0 to source control the VB forms, modules, class modules, etc.


To integrate SourceSafe with VB 6.0, we can do as follows:

1. Choose SourceSafe as the current source control provider.
For information on how to do it, refer to:

2. Open VB 6.0 and check if the Source Code Control add-in is loaded through menu Add-Ins -> Add-In Manager.

If yes, we should be able to find the SourceSafe command under Tools menu.
If no, please edit the vbaddin.ini file by going to Start -> Run: vbaddin.ini and adding the line “vbscc=3 ” in the file.


3. Add the VB project into source control of SourceSafe by clicking menu Tools -> SourceSafe -> Add Project to SourceSafe.

Add VB Project to SourceSafe
(Add VB Project to SourceSafe)


4. In the following Log On to SourceSafe Database dialog box, enter the credentials to log on a VSS DB.

Log on to VSS Database
(Log on to VSS Database)


5. Choose a location in the VSS project tree to store the VB project.

Choose location to place the VB project
(Choose location to place the VB project)


6. Select the files we want to add into SourceSafe for source control and click OK.

Add VB files to SourceSafe
(Add VB files to SourceSafe)


7. Now, all of the files are under source control of SourceSafe. We can find the SourceSafe functions through menu Tools -> SourceSafe. We can also access some of the functions by right-clicking the file in the Project Explorer.



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16 thoughts on “Using Visual SourceSafe – Integrating VSS with Visual Basic 6.0

  1. Hi!

    I added the project to VSS but when I want to add a new form the program says that “the PROJECT1.vbp is read only”, what can i do?

    and I have another Question.

    how can i work offline and update the source code to VSS later?


  2. I am using SourceSafe 6.0 with Visual Studio 6, and I am using SourceSafe
    2005 with Visual Studio 2005.
    I want to also store some Word 2003 & Excel 2003 VBA Macros in SourceSafe.
    I believe I need the VBA Source Code Control Add-In.
    I believe this come as part of Office XP Developer which is no longer
    available to download.
    Any idea how I get this Add-In or get Office XP Developer or is there another way?

  3. Ben,

    It seems you need to install something like VB Add-in Manager. I am not exactly sure. but I did use VB6 with VSS many years ago.


  4. I have installed VB6 on my laptop running vista. I also have VSS 2005. I cannot find the vbAddin.ini file… HELP!

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