Using Visual SourceSafe - Market position

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As a member of Visual Studio product family, VSS is a very popular version control solution among Windows developers. An IDC August 2004 ALM market report indicates the revenue of Microsoft in the ALM market in 2003 is US$38.1M. Since Microsoft did not have any other ALM product at that time, we can assume all the Microsoft’s ALM revenue is from SourceSafe.

SourceSafe comes with some editions of Visual Studio and MSDN subscription, which makes many developers think that SourceSafe is FREE. :)  Actually, it is not. You paid for it. SourceSafe can also be purchased independently through a retail channel.

The list price of SourceSafe 2005 is US $549.

SourceAnywhere - the SQL Server-based SourceSafe Replacement

The SQL Server-based Source Control Software Designed to be a SourceSafe Replacement

SourceAnywhere for VSS - the Fastest SourceSafe Remote Access Tool Recommended by Microsoft

The Fastest SourceSafe Remote Access Tool Recommeded by Microsoft

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