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Edit Viewer

Edit Viewer is used to edit the pages in document, such as, rotating, cropping, filtering, etc. as well as adjust the layout of the display.

const editViewer = new Dynamsoft.DDV.EditViewer({
    container: document.getElementById("viewer"),
editViewer.openDocument("docUid"); // Open a document which has pages

Edit pages


The method rotate() is used to rotate the pages in the edit viewer.

Use cases

  • Rotate the current page 90 degrees counterclockwise.

  • Rotate all pages 90 degrees clockwise.

      const pageCount = editViewer.getPageCount();


The method crop() is used to crop the pages. If the rectangle selection is exceeds the bounds of the page, it won’t take effect.

Use cases

  • Crop the current page with the specified rectangle.

      const rect = {
          left: 100,
          top: 100,
          width: 200,
          height: 200,
  • Crop all pages with the specfied rectangle.

      const pageCount = editViewer.getPageCount(); 
      const rect = {
          left: 100,
          top: 100,
          width: 200,
          height: 200,


Rotating and cropping operations can be undone and redone in the edit viewer by using undo() and redo().

// Undo

// Redo

Adjust display layout of pages

Zoom in/out

To zoom in or zoom out, the property zoom can help.

//Actual size
editViewer.zoom = 1;

//Twice the actual size
editViewer.zoom = 2; 

//10% the actual size
editViewer.zoom = 0.1;

Display mode

The pages can be displayed in continous scrolling mode or page by page mode. displayMode is used to switch the different display modes.

// Display the pages page by page
editViewer.displayMode = "single";

// Display the pages continuously
editViewer.displayMode = "continuous";

Fit mode

fitMode can help to change the fit mode of the viewer.

// Fit Width
editViewer.fitMode = "width";

// Fit Height
editViewer.fitMode = "height";

// Fit Window
editViewer.fitMode = "window";

// Actual Size
editViewer.fitMode = "actualSize";

Built-in Thumbnail

Each edit viewer has a built-in thumbnail, as you may know, an IBrowseViewer object represents the thumbnail object in edit viewer. When you create an editViewer instance, the editViewer.thumbnail object will be generated at meanwhile.

Use case

Show/hide thumbnail.

// Show thumbnail;

// Hide thumbnail

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