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Release Notes - Android 2.x

2.2.20 (09/29/2022)

Version Highlights

  • Improved the performance of the MRZ scenario. The recognition speed is improved by about 70%.

  • Added character normalization modes to normalize the text. This feature will improve the read rate when processing the text in nonstandard fonts like dot matrix.

  • New parameter control and recognition methods are added to fit more usage scenarios.





  • The following methods of LabelRecognizer class are removed
    • initLicense. The method is replaced by LicenseManager.initLicense under DynamsoftCore.
    • appendSettingsFromString
    • appendSettingsFromFile
    • clearAppendedSettings
    • destory

2.0 (08/26/2021)

Version Highlights

  • Added image processing modes to enhance the usage scenarios like MRZ reading:
    • Texture area detection
    • Color Conversion
    • Binarization
    • Grayscale image processing
  • Added dictionary-based correction. The dictionary is minimal and customizable to only cover a scenario-oriented vocabulary.

  • Improved the overall performance by replacing Caffe engine with OpenCV dnn engine

  • Improved the readability of recognizing skewed characters.

  • Improved the MRZ reading performance.

  • Added a core library. Migrated the core structs/classes from the LabelRecognizer library to the core library.




  • Improved the neural network performance by replacing Caffe engine with OpenCV DNN engine.


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