Our alliance

Our alliance

Dynamsoft has attained Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a competency in ISV/Software Solutions and Customer Development Solutions (Web Development). This recognizes Dynamsoft's experience, expertise and dynamic impact in the technology marketplace.

Microsoft Partner Program

Dynamsoft has been a member of the TWAIN Working Group since 2011. TWAIN Working Group members collaborate to define the industry-leading TWAIN Protocol that imaging devices everywhere, from scanners to webcams to USB video devices, use to communicate with imaging software. As part of the organization that sets the standard for device/software communication, Dynamsoft is in a unique position to ensure our customers not only have access to the latest TWAIN specifications, but are also able to benefit fully from advances in the TWAIN standard as soon as they become available. Today, tomorrow, and long into the future, Dynamsoft will strive to work with both its customers and its TWAIN Working Group partners to provide the best in image SDK solutions. Our experience, technical expertise, and dedication to excellence are at your disposal.

TWAIN Working Group

Dynamsoft's TWAIN SDKs: A Proven Track Record of Industry Collaboration and Product Reliability

Since its inception, Dynamsoft's TWAIN SDK division has had a history of collaboration and cooperation with some of the world's top scanner manufacturers. Dynamsoft's TWAIN SDKs are trusted by all kinds of organizations, both large and small, from governments to healthcare providers and financial institutions. When combined with scanners from the world's leading imaging companies, our SDKs provide a comprehensive and reliable scanning solution for any organization in any business environment.