Dynamsoft Adds GIF Support and Improves Decoding Accuracy in its Barcode Reader 2.1 SDK

Version 2.1 Update Has Improved Decoding Accuracy by Around 10 Percent for Code128 Barcodes and GIF Support Now Included Alongside BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF and Other Types of Barcode Image Decoding

VANCOUVER – June 22, 2015

Dynamsoft today released a new version of its Barcode Reader software development kit (SDK) to add support for decoding barcodes from GIF images in addition to already having support for BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF images. The company has also optimized the decoding algorithm for reading code128 barcode types, resulting in noticeably improved accuracy of around 10 percent. The updated Dynamsoft SDK is Barcode Reader version 2.1.

These upgrades allows Dynamsoft to broaden application reach for Barcode Reader 2.1. Code128 barcodes are amongst the most popular used because they are very high density. This allows use of the 128 ASCII character set which enables a broad range of characters for storage of diversified information. So, code128 barcodes are popular in logistics, distribution, transportation and other similar applications.

Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK allows application developers to almost instantly embed barcode decoding functionality in their web or desktop applications. It requires just a few lines of code instead of coding hundreds to more than a thousand lines from scratch. This can save months of development time which also means significant software and web development cost savings.

Other recent updates to Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK include offering the SDK as an independent product. It previously only worked as an add-on to other Dynamsoft image capture SDKs. In addition support for reading many other barcode types was recently added: code39,code128, code93, Codabar, ITF, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, and more.

Two editions of the Barcode Reader 2.1 SDK will be available, one for Windows® and one for Mac®. The Windows Edition provides C, C++, ActiveX / COM and .NET application programming interfaces (API). The Mac Edition provides C and C++ APIs. Once the SDK is integrated in an application users can decode barcodes from various image file formats. This includes from device-independent bitmap (DIB) formats, which can be obtained from cameras or scanners.

"Barcodes continue to grow in importance across numerous applications because of their convenience with information and document management," said Amy Gu, Vice President of Dynamsoft. "So, we will continue to build out key features for developers that simplify barcode implementation."

Pricing and Availability

Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader 2.1 SDK is provided with rich code samples and backed by award-winning technical support. It is available for purchase and download from the Dynamsoft website starting June 23, 2015. Dynamsoft will provide a developer and deployment license. The developer license is $748.75 per developer and allows royalty-free distribution for desktop applications. The deployment license is $1,248.75 per production server.

About Dynamsoft Corp.

Founded in 2003, Dynamsoft Corp. provides enterprise-class version control software, TWAIN™ software development kits (SDK), barcode reader SDKs, and other document imaging SDKs. The imaging SDKs help today's businesses seeking to migrate from wasteful paper-based workflows to efficient digitized document and records management. Dynamsoft is an associate member of the TWAIN Working Group that develops TWAIN standards. Thousands of customers use Dynamsoft's solutions. Customers include: 3M®; Apple®; EMC®; FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.; Fujitsu®; GE®; H&R Block®; HP®; IBM®, Intel®; InfoSys®; Lockheed Martin®; Olympus®; Philips®; PricewaterhouseCoopers®; Samsung®; Siemens®; Symantec®; Unisys®; Verizon®; and more. More information is available at www.dynamsoft.com.

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