Comparison of Source Control Systems

Dynamsoft has been in the revision control industry since 2004. Our product line ranges from installable source control systems to hosting services.

  • General:
  • Database
  • Technology
SourceAnywhere for VSS SourceAnywhere SourceAnywhere Hosted
Work with VSS
Database VSS SQL Server SQL Server
Migration From VSS
Cross Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, and any platform that SWT supports)
  • Differences in Features:
  • Version Control
  • Security
  • IDE Integration
  • Build Tool Integration
  • SDK/Command Line
SourceAnywhere for VSS SourceAnywhere SourceAnywhere Hosted
Email Notification (Version Control)
Folder Merge
Shelve/Unshelve Pending Changes
Local Pending Changes
Label Advanced Advanced
Atomic Commit
Web Deploy
Blowfish Key
Database Encryption
Project Level Security
Password Policy
Transmission SSL Encryption
Integration with Visual Studio
Integration with Eclipse
Dreamweaver/Flash and other MSSCCI supported IDEs
Build Integration Ant / CruiseControl.NET Ant / CruiseControl.NET Ant / CruiseControl.NET
Java SDK
Command-Line Client