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If your team has 50+ developers or would like a dedicated server for your source code, please request a Custom Plan.

  • 1. Data Center

    Vancouver, SAS70 and CICA5970 certified. Data Center >>

  • 2. How to close/activate account?

    You can log into the Web Portal and go to Account Management to close or re-activate your account anytime. After closing your account, no more invoices will be sent to you.

  • 3. Can Dynamsoft get my code?

    No. SourceAnywhere uses database encryption to protect your data. With database encryption, all of your file content stored in SQL Server is encrypted by a passphrase you provide during the encryption process. Under the unlikely worst scenario, even if your database is copied without your permission, no one (including Dynamsoft) can read a single file in your repository unless they know your passphrase.

  • 4. Can I add more users later?

    Yes, you can add or reduce users anytime in the Web Portal.

  • 5. Can I get my database?

    Yes. When needed, you can get your database in SourceAnywhere Hosted and host the repository by yourself with SourceAnywhere Standalone. You can send your detailed account info to sawhosted@dynamsoft.com to request the copy.

  • 6. Can I get any discount?

    If you are with a non-profit organization, other verifiable charitable groups, or have more than 50 users, please contact us at sales@dynamsoft.com for discount.

Enjoy 30 - day Free Trial

Enterprise Plan
$28 / user / Month
$280 / user / Year
Unlimited (Pay Per User)
2000 MB per user
Every 30 minutes

Team Plan
$14 / user / Month
$140 / user / Year
Unlimited (Pay Per User)
1000 MB per user
Every 30 minutes
Ultimate Plan
$420 / 50 users / Month $4200 / 50 users / Year
100 GB
Every 30 minutes

Backup Frequency
Web Project Deployment
through FTP
Dreamweaver Integration
Tech Support
√ SSL Encryption √ Visual Studio Integration √ On-site Backup every 30 Minutes
√ Database Encryption √ Eclipse Integration  
√ IP and MAC Access Filter √ Cross-Platform Support  
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All prices are in USD.

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