Note: This product is no longer maintained. Technical support is available for existing customers only.

SourseAnyWhere Hosted Release Notes

6.1 (02/07/2015)


  • Added folder-level Branch & Merge.

    • Branch: Folder and file items can be branched directly to another location without being shared first.
    • Merge: Branched folder and file items can be combined into one location.
  • Added two new folder-level permissions, "Web Deploy" and "List Folder Content".


  • Optional warnings available at Tools->Options. You can choose to display a warning message when:

    • Check out an already checked out file
    • Exit SourceAnywhere Client when there are checked out items
    • Exit SourceAnywhere Client when there are checked out items


  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

3.0.1 (06/18/2011)

New core functions

  • Email Notification System.
    Assigned receivers will receive notification emails when specific events, such as check-out/check-in/Label, are triggered.

  • Pending Checkins window.
    It displays all files checked out by the current user. Tracking check-out path (including computer name) is also supported. More Info.

  • Shelve/Unshelve pending changes. More Info.

  • Display File Status in the Windows Client Explorer. File status is shown as a column in the explorer pane. Five file statuses are supported: Normal, Missing, Old, Modified and Unknown. More Info.

  • Set proxy server on Cache Server side. More Info.

Core performance improvements

  • Dramatically improved overall performance by introducing ZIP compression technique on network layer.

  • Greatly speeded up Show Project History operation, especially for projects with lots of history records.

  • Optimized Refresh behavior on project tree.

  • Optimized integration with Visual Studio. Add-in technology is applied to reduce unnecessary refresh event.

  • Cache file optimization. SourceAnywhere Hosted now supports writing cache into memory. The performance improvement is obvious when the cache size is larger than 3 MB.

  • Optimized Project Security page in Server Manager. It's now much faster to check the user rights.

User experience improvements

  • Added prompt messages in the following situations to double ensure the operation:

    • Performing Check In/ Undo Check Out operations on shared files which were checked out to another location.
    • Performing Check Out/ Undo Check Out operation on files which were checked out by others.
    • Performing Check In/ Undo Check Out operations on a file which was checked out on another PC.
  • Security:

    • Project structure is hidden from users without read right to its parent folder.
  • Convenience:

    • Added an option to automatically perform Web Deploy operation on web files on check-in. More Info.
    • Adjustable window display modes: Floating, Dockable, Auto Hide and Hide.
    • Remember the Client status when exiting.
    • Display the working folder path as a hyperlink.
    • Batch operations supported in Status/Wildcard Search Result Dialog Box.
    • "Mergeable file type" configuration is cancelled. Show Difference operation is always supported for non-binary files.
    • Show History operation supported in Project Difference Dialog Box.
    • Added Source Location bar which enables users to locate to a specific project directly.
  • Other minor improvements:

    • Keep internal share links of a project when performing Branch on it.
    • Optimized the comment type of Keyword Expansion feature.
    • Optimized the messages returned by Web Deploy operation.
    • Improved Add Files dialog box.
    • Added more file extensions as default non-binary file.

Bug Fixed

  • Fixed bug where other users fail to get the updated file without reopening it when the size of a file remain the same after being edited in Visual Studio IDE Client.

  • Fixed bug where the label is inherited incorrectly when adding a label on a labeled project version.

  • Fixed bug where users cannot add new items to an existing label in Label Promotion Dialog Box.

  • Fixed bug where the status of web-deployable folders may get lost when re-opening the Client.

  • Fixed abnormal display bug in Project Diff Result Dialog Box.

  • Fix bug where the comment format generated by Keyword Expansion feature might lead to compilation error in Visual Studio.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

2.3.1 (07/13/2010)

Enhanced MSSCCI Plug-in

  • Added support for moving files and folders.

  • Increased performance of MSSCCI plug-in by 30%~50% when working with large projects.

  • Improved the integration with SQL Server Manager Studio and UniPasS.

  • Improved support for Web Projects in Visual Studio.


  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Build 30656 (3/30/2009)


  • Added notification for the remaining size of users' accounts.

  • Added Ant Plug-in which allows users to integrate SourceAnywhere Hosted with Ant which supports automatic building. More info

  • Added CruiseControl.NET Plug-in which enables users to continuously integrate with SourceAnywhere Hosted. More info

  • Added project diff functionality to SourceAnywhere Hosted Java Client.

  • Added Ignore Tab and Ignore White Space options to the Difference option.

  • Users can now deploy files in a web project.

  • Added a dialog box which appears when users try to delete an item which is already deleted from the project.

  • Users can now alter comments through Version Details dialog box.

  • Added Remote Size column in the Search Result dialog box.

  • Added tooltip in the dialog box which prompts when checking out or getting a file when a writable and modified copy already exists in the working folder.


  • Show Difference operation improved:

    • Users can use Show Differences command to compare a file/project to any of their own versions or to others in a local or server path.
    • Added View Options in the Show Differences dialog box when comparing projects.
    • Added Ignore Tab and Ignore White Space options to the Difference option.
  • Improved COM SDK.


  • Fixed bug where registry info of SourceAnywhere Hosted persists after uninstalling SourceAnywhere Hosted.
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Build 22252 (11/26/2008)


  • MergeHero improved:

    • The content in the result pane of MergeHero can now be edited.
    • The remaining conflicts' number can now be shown correctly.
    • Order by date (dd/mm/yyyy) in Project Difference can now work correctly.
    • Next Diff button can now function well when the cursor is placed above the first difference.


  • Fixed bug where adding large files through Visual Studio IDE Client or Macromedia Studio Plug-in may cause the IDE crash or socket error.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Build 20250 (1/25/2008)


  • Added Annotate functionality, which enables users to easily determine who and when made the last changes on each individual section of file.

  • Added support for Dreamweaver CS3.


  • Project Diff operation greatly improved in Windows GUI Client.

    • The performance is greatly improved and the interface is more friendly.
    • Allows users to perform operations, such as Add Files, Delete, Get, Check Out/In, Undo Check Out, Show Difference, Reconcile All, in the Project Difference dialog box.
    • Added Advanced options for choosing files to show in the Project Differences dialog box.
  • MergeHero interface greatly improved. More like Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Visual Merge. More friendly to use.

    • Added Changed Text marker to designate conflicting changes to a file.
    • Added optional way to apply/remove changes - by left clicking the button-like lines in the top two panes.
    • For File Diff, added display options for Ignore Tabstop and Ignore White Space.
    • For Directory Diff, added display options for showing only the files exist in the left/right side, or only the identical/different ones in both places. (Show Left-Only Files, Show Right-Only Files, Show Identical Files, Show Different Files).


  • Fixed bug where Working Folder positioning failed in the Add Files dialog box when some special software is included in the Folders pane.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Build 12056 (10/28/2007)


  • The database of SourceAnywhere Hosted is compatible with the database of SourceAnywhere Standalone 2.1.

  • Added Web Deploy functionality, which allows a web project to be deployed to a FTP server or multiple FTP servers.

  • Added IP Filter functionality. Users can set the IP rules of one's own Organization ID to allow only the specified IP or MAC address to access the Hosted account.

  • Database backup improved. Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted provides both onsite and offsite backup. All the backup sets are encrypted by a password and the backup folder itself is encrypted by Microsoft Windows 2003 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) file system.

  • Added export functionality which allows users to export file/project history, search result and file list.

  • Added Description and Email columns in Users page of Server Manager.
    Allows users to see users count in Server Manager.

  • Added profile management functionality in Eclipse plug-in.

  • Added a file state in IDE Client which helps users judge whether the local copy is the latest version.


  • Database encryption improved. Users can choose to encrypt database without the passphrase stored to get extra security.

  • SourceAnywhere Hosted improved to support Eclipse 3.3.

  • Java Client can be launched directly by double-clicking the application.


  • Fixed bug where Server IP in Service Relation page of Cache Server Manager cannot be domain name.

  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Build 11208 (6/04/2007)


  • SourceAnywhere Hosted released!