Barcode and QR Code Scanner SDK for Web

Enable real-time localization and decoding in a web browser on a mobile or laptop. Transform any camera-equipped devices into barcode and QR code scanners with just a few lines of JavaScript code.

Barcode Scan SDK

Exceptional Recognition Rate and Accuracy

Highest industry-leading accuracy with an enterprise-grade barcode detection algorithm, OCR capabilities, and the addition of camera enhancing functionality.

Unmatched Speed When Decoding From Video Streams

Scans 500+ barcodes per minute and achieves unbeatable decoding speed much higher than the 2nd best in the industry.

A Full-Capability Barcode Web SDK

Supports barcode and QR code scanning from any image files, captured images, or scanning in real-time. 200+ APIs cater to every possible scenario.

Integrate Barcode And QR Code Scanning In A Web Application

Highly Customizable to Fit Different User Scenarios

Dynamsoft’s barcode web SDK comes with 200+ APIs to optimize in the stages of image pre-processing, localization, recognition, result display, and more.

Built-in Control over Cameras

The built-in camera control via MediaDevices allows users to manipulate the camera functions just like in an native camera app.

Rich UI Elements

An interactive UI that guides the users to aim at the barcodes and highlights the areas where barcodes are found for a better scanning experience.

Scan Linear Barcode and QR Codes at Once

Supports localization and decoding of multiple barcodes and 2D codes at once. The speed is only a fraction slower than when decoding one barcode.

Optimized for QR and DataMatrix Codes

Utilizes sophisticated techniques to decode challenging QR codes and DataMatrix, such as wrinkled, glared, border-missing, or stained.

Decode from Images and Video Streams

Supports decoding barcodes from various inputs, including images, base64 strings, raw image data, and most importantly, video streams.

Demo of Scanning Barcodes and QR Codes

Our JavaScript barcode scanner demo supports reading barcodes and QR codes from live video streams as well as images.

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1D and QR Code Support

Our barcode scanner SDK for the web supports all common symbologies. Depending on your needs, you can use it as a QR code web scanner or a barcode web scanner.

Linear Barcodes (1D)

Code 39 (including Code 39 Extended)

Code 93

Code 128


Interleaved 2 of 5





Industrial 2 of 5

MSI (Modified Plessey)

Code 11

2D Barcodes

QR Code (including Micro QR Code and Model 1)

Data Matrix

PDF417 (including Micro PDF417)

Aztec Code

MaxiCode (mode 2-5)


Patch Code
GS1 Composite Code
GS1 DataBar


Truncated, Stacked, Stacked

Omnidirectional, Limited,

Expanded, Expanded Stacked

Postal Codes

USPS Intelligent Mail



Australian Post

UK Royal Mail

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