Dynamic Web TWAIN 6.1 Released!

Sep 07, 2010

Productive Season! Following SourceAnywhere 2.3.1 and SCM Anywhere 2.2, Dynamic Web TWAIN 6.1 is released today.

Cookie/session integration has been supported by Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX since version 5.1 and is liked by many customers. This exciting feature is now added to the Plug-in edition.

Besides that, we added support for Forms Authentication to Dynamic Web TWAIN Plug-in Edition. And you can now remove selected images in the new version of Dynamic Web TWAIN. We also optimized the installation process of the Plug-in Edition on clients’ side. For more details, please check What’s new.

Annotation is a tough one. Our developers discussed a lot regarding this feature. Should we add the feature into Dynamic Web TWAIN? What kind of functions should be included if we decide to go this way? Finally, as per one of our customers’ suggestion, we decided to add a simple annotation feature first into version 6.1. Hope you enjoy it. All your suggestions and comments are very important to us to perfect the product.

To evaluate these new features in Dynamic Web TWAIN 6.1, you can download the trial version here.

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