Dynamic Web TWAIN 6.3 Released!

I’m glad to announce that Dynamic Web TWAIN 6.3 was released today. And, Dynamsoft is now an Associate Member of the TWAIN working group. It means easier way for our team to get the latest trends of TWAIN technologies.

Dynamic Web TWAIN (DWT) is a TWAIN scanning SDK, which enables you to acquire images from any TWAIN compliant devices. As a team member of Dynamsoft, it is good see that Dynamic Web TWAIN is changing and improving every day.

In the new release, we added support for 64-bit Internet Explorer which allows acquiring images through 64-bit TWAIN drivers. Check out what’s new in version 6.3:

  • Support both 32-bit and 64-bit Internet Explorer.
  • Support Firefox 4 for Plug-in Edition.
  • Added theOnPostLoad method which is triggered after executing the LoadImage/LoadImageEx method.
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

To simplify the evaluation process, we integrated ActiveX and Plug-in Edition into our online demo. (Test out the TWAIN component with our new online demo and enjoy scanning in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.).

In addition, to further improve the product and service, Dynamsoft is conducting a survey on Facebook to collect opinions from our DWT users. If you are interested in, please go to our official Facebook page: Which feature in Dynamic Web TWAIN do you like best?


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