Dynamic Web TWAIN 6.4 Released!

Nov 15, 2011

I’m happy to announce that Dynamic Web TWAIN 6.4 is released today.

In the new release, we have a new member – Mac Edition. Many of our customers, who enjoy using Dynamic Web TWAIN to do scanning, editing and uploading via browsers on Windows, want to enable the users to use it on Mac. In response to the customers’ requirement, we developed the Mac Edition. With this new plug-in, you can acquire images from your TWAIN compatible scanner in the following browsers  on Mac OS X 10.5 or above.

Safari 32-bit     Chrome 6.0 or above    Firefox 4.0 or above  Opera 12.0 or above

We provided PRE-RELEASE version for downloading and testing for Mac Edition and received many responses. Some customers are eager to try it out.  Some customers have already pre-ordered the new plug-in with a special discount.

I appreciate all the feedbacks and support from our customers, and also many thanks for our teams’ effort to keep improving the product.

Enjoy web scanning on Mac.

Our online demo now supports all mainstream browsers on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. You can try it here.

Download 30-day trial of Dynamic Web TWAIN. Dynamic Web TWAIN Edition Comparison

Thanks to Steve Jobs and his team for bringing us a great platform and make this product possible.

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