Five Tips to Make Your Website Popular

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Looking at your own website in an expert’s eyes never helps.  To build reliance and trust from your customers takes a lot of patience and actions.

Now imagine you are shopping online, do you find yourself a very skeptical consumer? The truth is that most of your visitors think the same way. They won’t be easily hooked up by something that looks too good to be true. To tell your customers things exactly as they are is crucially important today.

From a businessman’s perspective, whoever wins the battle against customers’ skepticism and builds trust from customers survives.

Fortunately, there are some practical and effective methods to help you get a bigger chance to win customers. Here are 5 tips based on the author’s own experience.

1. Be honest and tell the truth.

No doubt, the Internet may bring incredibly large amount of visitors to your website. It also reveals dishonest deeds and fake information to the customers extremely fast. Once the reputation is broken, your website falls infamous anywhere. Always show your customers true statistics and real case studies. Take it slowly, you will find more customers coming because you are true and honest with them.

2. Offer live chat support and answer frequently asked questions.

 When you just meet somebody, you may keep some distance. And then you get closer and more familiar as you start talking to each other. It’s the same with your website. The site becomes active when you offer live chat support. We are currently using Comm100 which will help you get closer with your customers. With the records you get from your live chat software, you can also sort out those most frequently asked questions. Put an FAQ or Knowledge Base on your site and keep updating. Your visitor would develop further trust when they know you better from reading them.

3. Guarantee on your products and showcase your customers’ comments.

Online shopping could feel like gambling when there is no guarantee for the things. To be able to get 100% money back when your customers are unsatisfied with the products or services can eliminate their doubt. Customers’ positive comments can also help calm their nerves. When you are serving your customers, don’t forget to ask them to comment positively as it would be the best free advertisement you have.

4. Make the best of ‘About Us’ on your website.

This is a perfect section for you to show your visitors who you are or the things about your company that will leave a good impression.  Still as mentioned before, be totally honest. Be true to your customers even if yours is a small company or you have just started your business. Every stage has its own attraction. You can also exhibit some photos of your company or pictures about the activities your employees took part in. Show them a team with energy and solidarity. A video would be even better for your visitors to understand you.

5. Have a professional site design and view it through a customer’s eyes.

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but who isn’t. A good impression on your website is the key to keeping yours visitors. A game site designed as a book site seldom gets popular. It’s simply not exciting enough for the users. You must make sure your site design matches your products. Before you launch your site, look at it carefully through a consumer’s eyes. Ask your friends to give unbiased opinions on your website. Make some change if necessary after you have launched your website to appeal to more customers.

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