How to choose a better TFS hosting service?

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft’s application lifecycle management (ALM) solution. It automates the software delivery process and gives you the tools you need to effectively manage software development projects throughout the IT lifecycle.

Due to the high cost of setting up TFS internally and the increasing maturity of hosting services, many of these companies now include TFS hosting. Now the question pops up: how to choose a TFS hosting service that can suite the team better? I list off some factors below, and hope the information helps.


Good customer service adds value

During one of our weekly training events a question was asked:  When we talk with our customers, they always tell us …? One of our team members answered the question immediately with: Good Customer Service.  True.  When a lot of companies announce themselves as customer oriented, not many of them really help their customers find the right solution, either because their product/service lines are too large and/or spread out, or they’re overloaded with their customers needs … sometimes that is just reality, but it is also an excuse!

I was happy to hear my coworker’s answer. That is what we are focusing on – Good Customer Experiences. I’m also very proud to show you our Customer page, which includes our existing customers as well as their feedback on our services.


Whether your data is in good hands

Before you make the decision, it’s critical to learn the security features provided by the vendor:

  1. Details of the data center, including its location and the service level.
  2. Database backup plans as well as the frequency.
  3. Whether you can download the database from the vendor (anytime).
Company Data Center Database Backup Database Downloadable Price
Dynamsoft VancouverSAS70 and CICA5970 certified Onsite: every 15 minutesOffsite: daily One per month at no cost From $20 /user/month
DiscountASP.NET US / UK Daily One per month at no cost;Need to pay for each additional backup. From $20 /user/month
Phase 2 International Hawaii 5 days’ worth of full backup One per month From $ 129.99 /user/month
PRAKTIK Hosting Seattle, WA USASAS 70 Certified From $25 /user/month    
SaaS Made Easy, LLC IndianaSAS 70 Type II compliant UPS & power backup   From $15.00 /user/month
TeamDevCentral   Nightly backups   $500.00 ~ $12,000.00 (CAD) setup fee + $150.00 ~ $200.00 (CAD) /user/month
TFS Server Hosting       $25 /user/month

To learn more about these corporations and their services, please go to: TFS Hosting Service Providers

Database migration from VSS

If you were using Visual SourceSafe, it’s ideal and necessary to migrate all your VSS data to the new system. Both Dynamsoft and DiscountASP.NET provide FREE database migration for customers.

Available add-ons

In cooperation with Pyxis, most TFS hosting companies provide the Urban Turtle add-on to prioritize your backlog, plan your work and deliver software. Currently, Microsoft doesn’t provide the add-on for TFS Azure.

Learn the company history

Dynamsoft has 8 years of experience in developing source control and bug tracking software. Thus, our team has better understanding of version control and bug tracking, which helps in providing better services to our customers. July 04, 2010 was the fifth anniversary of the launch of SourceAnywhere Hosted, Dynamsoft’s first SaaS solution for source control. Over the past few years, the online rate of our server has been (and continues to be) as high as 99.9x%. Learn More »

DiscountASP.NET is focused on hosting .net software, including TFS, SQL Server, etc. Learn More»

PRAKTIK Hosting as well as some other companies specializes in TFS hosting.

It’s a big decision to start using a new system and service. If you have any other suggestions for other users, please feel free to share your comments below. You can also email me at

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