How to Load Existing Images to Your Web App

A lot of businesses and organizations have a bunch of existing digital documents and images that require to be handled. These digital materials might be shared documents for different departments in the company, collected images from the customers, and more.

In this article, I’ll share with you on how to take advantage of a third-party image acquisition & processing component Dynamic Web TWAIN to handle these existing images. The following samples are based on the assumption that you’ve installed Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN on your development machine (30-Day Free Trial Download).

Load Images from Local Folders

You can use the LoadImage method to load images from your local disk or a shared folder. Supported image format includes BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF (both single and multi-page) and PDF (both single and multi-page).

LoadImage is a perfect method for image loading if you know the exact path and name of the images. If you want to provide a flexible way for your customers to load their local images, you can set IfShowFileDialog to true to show the browser dialog box.

Check out the feature in action: Dynamic Web TWAIN Online Demo

Download Images from Web Server or Database

Call the method HTTPDownload method to download images from your web server. The following sample is developed by JavaScript. “localhost” indicates the server name, and “/WebTWAIN/Images/ImageData.jpg” is the relative path of ImageData.jpg on the web server.

Download Images from FTP Site

If you want to get images from your FTP site to your web application, you can use the FTPDownload method. Below is a simple sample in JavaScript.

After loading the images to your web application, you can further process them, for instance, scanning new documents and uploading all of them to your library.

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