How to make customers happy?

Oct 03, 2011

“In my 17 years of web programming, Dynamsoft provided me the best customer service experience and Web TWAIN was the easiest and most powerful control I have ever worked with. This is how a software company should be run.” – James

As a customer oriented company, Dynamsoft is committed to providing the high-quality support to maximize the benefits in using our products. Inspired by James, one of the customers using our web scanning control, Dynamic Web TWAIN, I would like to share some my opinions on how to serve customers better through emails and online chat.

1. Follow-up Emails

After the customers download the product of your company, an effective way to interact with your clients is Email Follow Up. You would protest that it is time consuming. In 21st century, people are overwhelmed by variety of data and won’t care your email. Partly true maybe, but if you treat it carefully, you’ll certainly gain from it. :-)

  • You should learn your customers’ needs. Based on the analysis data, you need to gather the materials your customers might need during different phases. For instance, they may need Setup Guide after downloading your software. Provide samples (if you have any) to help them evaluate the product.
    James – “your software works very well. Using your online example page, I was able to copy it into my system, disable things I did not need and get my project done rather quickly. The records manager started using this new system on Tuesday and has had 0 problems with it.”

  • Choose the best timing to send out the prepared emails. Conduct surveys to find out the questions or problems your customers may experience during the evaluation. Keep a close eye on the responses from them to see whether they get the information they need andAdjust the content accordingly.

  • Contact customers with the right person. You should know when your customers need a technical support and when they need people from your sales team.

As James said, the follow-up emails always remind him that he has the product he needs to finish testing. So take advantage of Email Follow Up to satisfy your customers and boost your business.

2. Online Chat

Dynamsoft uses Live Help to help users online. From years of experience and feedback from customers, it proves to be a fantastic way to help users instantly. Customers can contact you anytime online when they have questions.

James – Knowing I could ask a question and get a quick answer was very cool. I wish all the companies I dealt with offered this type of support. It’s very reassuring.

On top of it, to enhance the service, Dynamsoft adds Online Meeting to help users solve the problems more effectively. With the online meeting, customers can share their screens and solve the problem together with staff from customer service and R&D team.

If you have any comments on this topic, please feel free to share with me. And using this opportunity, I would like to thank James again for his positive reply and precious suggestions to help us improve the product & service.

As James requested, our team created a system to help users test all the features of Dynamic Web TWAIN online. Currently the system is under internal test. If anyone is interested in trying the system in advance, please contact me at

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