Using Visual SourceSafe - Integrating VSS with SQL Server 2005

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The Visual SourceSafe integration with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2005 is virtually identical to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2008.

Similar to SSMS 2008, we cannot version control SQL objects directly in SSMS 2005. However, we can create scripts for the database and all its objects, save them to a solution and then add the solution to source control. For more details, please refer to another article: How to add SQL Server 2005/2008 Stored Procedures to VSS.


Here are the steps we can follow: 1. Install Visual SourceSafe on the machine hosting SQL Server 2005.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio 2005, and click menu Tools -> Options -> Source Control. In the Source Control page, we can select Microsoft Visual SourceSafe as the current source control plug-in.

SQL Server 2005 Options (SQL Server 2005 Options)

  1. Open an existing project/solution or create a new one through the SQL Server Management Studio menu File. We can open the solution explorer by click menu View -> Solution Explorer.

  2. Next, we need to add the solution/project into source control by right-click the solution/project file and clicking Add Solution to Source Control menu.

  3. We can add existing item/ new connection/ new query by right-clicking the project file and click Add. These items will be in the Pending Checkins window. After checking in, the items will be under source control by VSS.

For the Visual SourceSafe integration with SQL Server Management Studio 2008, please refer to my other article: Integrating SourceSafe / VSS with SQL Server 2008.


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