SourceAnywhere Standalone 3.0 Beta Released!

Dec 13, 2010

Thanks to our team’s hard working, we’ve just released an amazing upgrade for SourceAnywhere StandaloneVersion 3.0 Beta.

With Microsoft set to wind down support for Visual SourceSafe, many VSS users turn to SourceAnywhere for its impressive source control performance for distributed teams, embedded VSS Import Tool, familiar user interface, etc.

SourceAnywhere 2.x was proved to be stable and fast during its long existence. Based on 2.x, our developers applied ZIP compression technique, optimized caching mechanism, etc. to further boost the performance. In addition, as per our customers’ requests, many fantastic features are added to this major upgrade. I’m glad to share some of the improvements with you here.

  • Multi-databases storage. It breaks through the maximum capacity limitation of free SQL Server Express. Meanwhile it makes the individual repository backup possible.
  • Email Notification System. If you would like to get a notification of source control operations, like Check-out, Check-in and Label, done by your team members, you will find this feature very useful.
  • Shelve/Unshelve. It allows you to save local changes to the repository without meddling with the server copy.
  • File Status. The following five file statuses are supported: Normal, Missing, Old, Modified, and Unknown.
  • Pending Checkin. Pending Checkins window is added. You can track the computer name where checkout happened in it.

Supporting integration with multi-IDEs, such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, etc., makes SourceAnywhere competitive in the source control market. In the new version, we introduced Add-in technology to perfect the integration with Visual Studio and enhance the speed at the same time.

Besides all the above mentioned improvements on the “technical” aspect, you may notice that version 3.0 Beta is much more “considerate” and user friendly compared to previous versions. Check out the user experience improvements. :)

Try the 30 days’ free trial of SourceAnywhere Standalone 3.0 Beta now. The production version of SourceAnywhere 3.0 will be available soon. Stay tuned.

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