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There have been many positive reviews about the new iPhone 5S and iOS 7. However, more than ever, there have also been many negative reviews about the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 too. In this article, I want to share some negative aspects of the iPhone 5S and iOS7. These negatives make me unsatisfied and worried.

Screen Size

The screen size of iPhone 5S is still just 4 inches. It makes one wonder if 4 inches is really the upper limits for an iPhone. Apple once declared that their original 3.5-inch display was the best size for users. However, the company later admitted this was indeed wrong by introducing iPhones with an increased screen size with iPhone 5. The size of mainstream smartphones tends to be nearly 5 inches. Apple still falls way short of this. I truly believe there are many Apple users that would prefer a bigger screen. The smaller screen certainly continues to be negatively impactful on a user’s eyes and fingers. It’s also not desired for key user types, such as gamers, who would prefer a better  experience from a larger screen for playing games or watching videos, pictures, etc.

Battery Power

Although the capacity of the battery for the iPhone 5S has been increased to 1560 mAh, the battery life time has no significant increase, according to Apple’s specifications. It frequently drains and requires recharging at a poorer than expected performance. A longer usage per charge is absolutely necessary for a device that does not allow for a battery swap.

Backward Compatibility

I’m sure many of most Apple users have upgraded their devices to iOS7, probably on day one and including me. However, after upgrading my iPhone 4S, I find the UI to not be as slick as before. While I understand this is subjective, one can easily argue that much more was expected for an OS that has largely been the same since 2007. There are also many bugs which may cause some inconveniences and some bugs known to be security issues.

Security of Touch ID

The touch ID fingerprint sensor is definitely a big step up for screen unlocking and purchase authorizations from Apple’s Appstore. But, is it safe? The fingerprint is the one most widely used unique identity for human beings. Apple must guarantee 100 percent that a user’s fingerprint will not be leaked or used for any other purposes. Such a leak would cause major problems for Apple and users. You can probably bet hackers are already at work trying to find a way to get at people’s fingerprints used on Apple devices.

Process Management

Apple has gone from leader to copycat, and I do not think it’s the company’s style. The new process management function is copied from Android. Generally, this would not be bad – why not absorb the strength of others. But, while it’s typically not Apple’s style, it was also poorly executed. For example, I cannot find the batch remove function, other than by removing processes one by one.

Message Batch Remove

For a long time, I’ve wished Apple would add a “select all” function to messages. This would allow users to more easily select all messages for removal with one click. I’m not sure why Apple still does not realize how convenient this function would be.

New Slide Motion

The new design adds unnecessary inconveniences to those with habits in using iOS. For example, the slide motion of removing a message has been changed from slide “left to right” to “right to left”. Why did Apple change that? It’s like change for the sake of change. On a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being best, I would score this new design a 1 or 2 .

Whether you agree or disagree with my points, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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