We are releasing the World's 1st Hosted SCM Solution

Feb 25, 2009

The World's 1st Software Configuration Management (SCM) Hosting

After more than 1 year hard work, today, I am very pleased to announce that we are releasing SCM Anywhere Hosted, the world’s 1st Hosted SCM solution.

The home page of SCM Anywhere Hosted is: http://www.scmsoftwareconfigurationmanagement.com/Products/Software-Configuration-Management-SCM-Hosting.aspx

You can check out the 10-minute introduction video:

So why SCM Anywhere is the World’s 1st Hosted SCM solution? Because SCM Anywhere is specifically designed to be a SaaS/hosted application from the beginning and no any other SCM solution is born so. More details:

1. Multi-tenant architecture As the architect of SCM Anywhere (which is a SaaS application) I am fully aware of the differences between the single-instance architecture and the multi-tenant architecture. SCM Anywhere uses multi-tenant architecture to ensure maximized concurrency and efficient use of computing resources.

2. Separate database SCM Anywhere uses separate database for each tenant to ensure high data isolation. Multi-tenant Isolated Databases

3. Scale-Out architecture SCM Anywhere is designed with hosting hundreds of thousands of users in mind. Scale-out architecture is used to ensure high scalability. The whole deployment of SCM Anywhere consists of dispatch servers and many deployment units. Each deployment unit consists of SCM Anywhere service and SQL Server service. The dispatch server dispatches the client requests to different deployment unit according to business logic. The initial deployment is one single deployment unit. As the workload grows, we can add more deployment units accordingly.

4. Sessionless server I make the server sessionless so we can easily use load balance to scale the service and achieve high availability.

5. Tight security SCM Anywhere uses many technologies to achieve highest security possible. For more information, please refer to: http://www.dynamsoft.com/Documents/Secure_your_source_code_and_digital_assets.pdf

6. Built-in customer sign up and billing system

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