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SourceAnywhere Hosted

Elaborate security strategies from Dynamsoft and world-class data center

Source code is one of the assets that developers treasure most. With this in mind, Dynamsoft, based on years of experience in version control and issue tracking hosting, provides a rich set of security features to better protect your data.

  • Security
  • Backup
  • Data Center

SourceAnywhere Hosted incorporates a range of security features that secure your source code from accidents and malevolent attacks. Here's how the features break down.

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a strong cryptography and security protocol used to safeguard sensitive data during transmission over open, public networks. Originally developed by Netscape to secure online financial transactions, SSL is now one of the leading security protocols on the web. Today, SSL supports millions of online transactions every day and is the de facto standard for secure online credit card purchases, stock trading and banking.

    SourceAnywhere Hosted provides 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your data, including passwords and data files, being transferred across the Internet.

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol
  • Sophisticated Password Policy

    Passwords are the front line of computer security. SourceAnywhere Hosted uses an industry-standard approach to password policy. We enable granular control of password length, memory, complexity and expiration.

    The 'Minimum password length' and 'Password must meet complexity requirements' settings can make a password very difficult to hack.

    The 'Enforce password history' feature prevents old passwords from being reused again and again.

    The Maximum password age feature can force the user to change his/her password after a certain period and if an attacker cracks the password, he/she only has access to the network until the password expires. Also, since the password must be changed periodically, it is difficult for attackers to crack.

    The 'Lock out' option prevents hackers from guessing at passwords. This feature is particularly important for network applications, like SourceAnywhere Hosted. Here's the example. If a server responds to a login request in 100 milliseconds, an attacker can try 36,000 different passwords in 1 hour. By using the 'Lock out' setting, administrators can minimize the number of password attempts within a specified time frame. For example, if an administrator mandates a 10-minute lock out after five incorrect attempts, the attacker can only try 30 passwords within one hour. This obviously makes a password much safer.

    Sophisticated Password Policy
  • Independent and Isolated Databases for Each Customer

    In the SourceAnywhere Hosted server each customer's data is stored in an independent, dedicated database that's isolated from other customers' data. Customer can only access their specified database, and operations on any other database will have no influence on other customers' data.

  • Database Encryption, the Ultimate Way

    SourceAnywhere Hosted provides database encryption, which is an ultimate approach to protect your data. With database encryption, all of your file content stored in SQL Server is encrypted by a passphrase you provide during the encryption process. Under the unlikely worst scenario, even if your database is copied without your permission, no one can read a single file in your repository unless they know your passphrase.

    This is how it works: when a SourceAnywhere Hosted server is restarted, an unlock process is required before the server dynamically decrypts your data. Your passphrase is then verified for the unlock. Once the unlock process is complete, your developers can check in and check out files as usual.

    Even after the unlock process, the data in your database is still encrypted. This is because SourceAnywhere Hosted servers dynamically decrypt file content into memory only when the file is requested. Combined with cache file encryption, SourceAnywhere Hosted's database encryption guarantees that none of your files is written to hard disk without being encrypted first.

    There are two options for database encryption:

    • Your passphrase is encrypted by a public key using a certificate issued by VeriSign and stored in a secured place. If you forget your passphrase, Dynamsoft will use the private key of the certificate to recover your passphrase. The private key is protected by a rigorous security policy and is known to only two persons at Dynamsoft: the Chief Systems Administrator and the CEO.
    • Your passphrase is not stored. This gives you extra security, but you run the risk of rendering your entire database useless if the passphrase is lost or forgotten.
  • Cache File Encryption for Speed and Security

    SourceAnywhere Hosted uses a sophisticated cache mechanism and Cache server to reduce server workload and improve performance. For the cached files, SourceAnywhere Hosted uses Blowfish encryption to ensure the security of data during the process of caching.

    Sophisticated Password Policy

    The passphrase is randomly generated by the server when it is started and discarded when the server is down.

    Combined with database encryption, cache file encryption guarantees that no file content is written to hard disk without being encrypted.

    Sophisticated Password Policy
  • Login Log for Monitoring Suspicious Activity

    You can use SourceAnywhere Hosted's Login Log to view the 10 latest login attempts to Hosted Server using your organization ID and user name. Using this feature, you can easily identify any suspicious activity in your account. For example, you did not use SourceAnywhere Hosted yesterday, but you see a login log for yesterday or you use SourceAnywhere only from the office but you see an unfamiliar IP in the login log. Once the suspicious activities are identified, proper measurements can be taken to stop the damage.

    Sophisticated Password Policy
  • Flexible IP & MAC Filter Rules

    You can set up IP & MAC filter rules in SourceAnywhere Hosted. You can create rules for a collection of IP and MAC addresses that allow only specified addresses to access your SourceAnywhere Hosted account. If you choose not to define rules, then all traffic is allowed.

    The optional IP filter adds another layer of security. For example, if you only access SourceAnywhere Hosted from your office, you add your office IP address in the filter so your SourceAnywhere Hosted account cannot be accessed from outside of your office. If you also access SourceAnywhere Hosted from home, you can add the IP address of your home in the filter. In the case that your IP address is dynamic (using dial-up), you can simply input your network interface card's MAC address into the filter. Also you can use MAC addresses exclusively to make sure only the specified physical machine can access your SourceAnywhere Hosted account.

    Note: IP Filter does not apply to SourceAnywhere Hosted web site.

    Sophisticated Password Policy
  • SSL Certificate for Web Site Access

    All your account information on our website is encrypted by SSL Certificate.

  • Secure Backup Encryption

    All SourceAnywhere Hosted backups are password encrypted. Plus, the backup folder is also encrypted using Microsoft Windows 2003 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) file system.

Dynamsoft provides the following ways to ensure the safety of your code. All backups are password encrypted.

  • Incremental Backup: Performed every 30 minutes

    An INCREMENTAL backup is schedule and made every day. In addition, transaction log backup is performed every 30 minutes. In worst scenarios, our system admin can restore your data to where it was 30 minutes ago.

  • Full Backup: Performed every week

    A full backup is made every week to a separate server in our data center.

  • Database Download: One per month at no cost

    For customers who require a full database backup, you can log into your web portal and navigate to "Database Backup and Download" to get your database. If you require more than one backup in a given month, please feel free to contact us at support@dynamsoft.com. We’ll get in touch with you in one business day.

  • Our Infrastructure Delivers a Solid Base Your Business Can Depend On

    Dynamsoft understands how important a reliable data center is for hosting infrastructure. This is why we partner with Primus to offer our customers a robust, dependable data center. With Dynamsoft, you benefit from the industry-leading technology and infrastructure of Primus, HP, Cisco and Microsoft. In addition, you get maximum security, redundancy, performance capability, and skilled staff to manage it for you.

  • Data Center

    World class Primus data center. SAS70 and CICA5900 compliant.

  • Location

    Vancouver, BC

  • Why a Primus data center?

    Primus data centers lead the industry for physical security, power availability, infrastructure flexibility, network redundancy and customer support that exceed the standards set by global Internet brands and leading enterprises.

    Features of the Primus Data Center include:

    • 24x7 security (Biometric identification)
    • 24x7 video surveillance
    • 24x7 environmental monitoring
    • 24x7 network monitoring
    • Access limited to specifically authorized personnel
    • UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)
    • Diesel generator power backup system
    • No single point of network failure
    • Multiple connections to major Internet backbones
    • Cisco 7500-series routers are used as Gateway
    • Cisco 6500-series equipment at the core layer and distribution layer
    • Comprehensive written procedures and policies

    Benefit from our hosting infrastructure! It's the quickest, most cost-effective and reliable way to deploy your software and information.

We believe your data will be safe with Dynamsoft with all these securities available, including database backup, SSL encryption, partnership with the leading database center, and etc. All we want is to give you a happy experience with our hosting service.


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