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Error Code

Error code common to all programming languages

Error Code (except ObjC/Swift) Error Code (ObjC/Swift) Value Description
DBR_OK EnumErrorCode_OK 0 Successful.
DBRERR_UNKNOWN EnumErrorCode_Unknown -10000 Unknown error.
DBRERR_NO_MEMORY EnumErrorCode_No_Memory -10001 Not enough memory to perform the operation.
DBRERR_NULL_POINTER EnumErrorCode_Null_Pointer -10002 Null pointer.
DBRERR_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_License_Invalid -10003 The license is invalid.
DBRERR_LICENSE_EXPIRED EnumErrorCode_License_Expired -10004 The license has expired.
DBRERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND EnumErrorCode_File_Not_Found -10005 The file is not found.
DBRERR_FILETYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED EnumErrorCode_Filetype_Not_Supported -10006 The file type is not supported.
DBRERR_BPP_NOT_SUPPORTED EnumErrorCode_BPP_Not_Supported -10007 The BPP (Bits Per Pixel) is not supported.
DBRERR_INDEX_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Index_Invalid -10008 The index is invalid.
DBRERR_BARCODE_FORMAT_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Barcode_Format_Invalid -10009 The barcode format is invalid.
DBRERR_CUSTOM_REGION_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Custom_Region_Invalid -10010 The input region value parameter is invalid.
DBRERR_MAX_BARCODE_NUMBER_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Max_Barcode_Number_Invalid -10011 The maximum barcode number is invalid.
DBRERR_IMAGE_READ_FAILED EnumErrorCode_Image_Read_Failed -10012 Failed to read the image.
DBRERR_TIFF_READ_FAILED EnumErrorCode_TIFF_Read_Failed -10013 Failed to read the TIFF image.
DBRERR_QR_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_QR_License_Invalid -10016 The QR Code license is invalid.
DBRERR_1D_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_1D_License_Invalid -10017 The 1D Barcode license is invalid.
DBRERR_DIB_BUFFER_INVALID EnumErrorCode_DIB_Buffer_Invalid -10018 The DIB (Device-Independent Bitmaps) buffer is invalid.
DBRERR_PDF417_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_PDF417_License_Invalid -10019 The PDF417 license is invalid.
DBRERR_DATAMATRIX_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Datamatrix_License_Invalid -10020 The DATAMATRIX license is invalid.
DBRERR_PDF_READ_FAILED EnumErrorCode_PDF_Read_Failed -10021 Failed to read the PDF file.
DBRERR_PDF_DLL_MISSING EnumErrorCode_PDF_DLL_Missing -10022 The PDF DLL is missing.
DBRERR_PAGE_NUMBER_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Page_Number_Invalid -10023 The page number is invalid.
DBRERR_CUSTOM_SIZE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Custom_Size_Invalid -10024 The custom size is invalid.
DBRERR_CUSTOM_MODULESIZE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Custom_Modulesize_Invalid -10025 The custom module size is invalid.
DBRERR_RECOGNITION_TIMEOUT EnumErrorCode_Recognition_Timeout -10026 Recognition timeout.
DBRERR_JSON_PARSE_FAILED EnumErrorCode_Json_Parse_Failed -10030 Failed to parse JSON string.
DBRERR_JSON_TYPE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Json_Type_Invalid -10031 The value type is invalid.
DBRERR_JSON_KEY_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Json_Key_Invalid -10032 The key is invalid.
DBRERR_JSON_VALUE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Json_Value_Invalid -10033 The value is invalid or out of range.
DBRERR_JSON_NAME_KEY_MISSING EnumErrorCode_Json_Name_Key_Missing -10034 The mandatory key “Name” is missing.
DBRERR_JSON_NAME_VALUE_DUPLICATED EnumErrorCode_Json_Name_Value_Duplicated -10035 The value of the key “Name” is duplicated.
DBRERR_TEMPLATE_NAME_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Template_Name_Invalid -10036 The template name is invalid.
DBRERR_JSON_NAME_REFERENCE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Json_Name_Reference_Invalid -10037 The name reference is invalid.
DBRERR_PARAMETER_VALUE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Parameter_Value_Invalid -10038 The parameter value is invalid or out of range.
DBRERR_DOMAIN_NOT_MATCHED EnumErrorCode_Domain_Not_Matched -10039 The domain of your current site does not match the domain bound in the current product key.
DBRERR_RESERVEDINFO_NOT_MATCHED EnumErrorCode_ReservedInfo_Not_Matched -10040 The reserved info does not match the reserved info bound in the current product key.
DBRERR_AZTEC_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_AZTEC_License_Invalid -10041 The AZTEC license is invalid.
DBRERR_LICENSE_DLL_MISSING EnumErrorCode_License_Dll_Missing -10042 The License DLL is missing.
DBRERR_LICENSEKEY_NOT_MATCHED EnumErrorCode_Licensekey_Not_Matched -10043 The license key does not match the license content.
DBRERR_REQUESTED_FAILED EnumErrorCode_Requested_Failed -10044 Failed to request the license content.
DBRERR_LICENSE_INIT_FAILED EnumErrorCode_License_Init_Failed -10045 Failed to init the license.
DBRERR_PATCHCODE_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Patchcode_License_Invalid -10046 The Patchcode license is invalid.
DBRERR_POSTALCODE_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_Postalcode_License_Invalid -10047 The Postal code license is invalid.
DBRERR_DPM_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_DPM_License_Invalid -10048 The DPM license is invalid.
DBRERR_FRAME_DECODING_THREAD_EXISTS EnumErrorCode_Frame_Decoding_Thread_Exists -10049 The frame decoding thread already exists.
DBRERR_STOP_DECODING_THREAD_FAILED EnumErrorCode_Stop_Decoding_Thread_Failed -10050 Failed to stop the frame decoding thread.
DBRERR_SET_MODE_ARGUMENT_ERROR EnumErrorCode_Set_Mode_Argument_Error -10051 Failed to set mode’s argument.
DBRERR_LICENSE_CONTENT_INVALID EnumErrorCode_License_Content_Invalid -10052 The license content is invalid.
DBRERR_LICENSE_KEY_INVALID EnumErrorCode_License_Key_Invalid -10053 The license key is invalid.
DBRERR_LICENSE_DEVICE_RUNS_OUT EnumErrorCode_License_Device_Runs_Out -10054 The device number in the license key runs out.
DBRERR_GET_MODE_ARGUMENT_ERROR EnumErrorCode_GET_MODE_ARGUMENT_ERROR -10055 Failed to get mode’s argument.
DBRERR_IRT_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_IRT_LICENSE_INVALID -10056 The Intermediate Result Types license is invalid.
DBRERR_MAXICODE_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_MAXICODE_LICENSE_INVALID -10057 The Maxicode license is invalid.
DBRERR_GS1_DATABAR_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_GS1_DATABAR_LICENSE_INVALID -10058 The GS1 Databar license is invalid.
DBRERR_GS1_COMPOSITE_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_GS1_COMPOSITE_LICENSE_INVALID -10059 The GS1 Composite code license is invalid.
DBRERR_PANORAMA_LICENSE_INVALID EnumErrorCode_PANORAMA_LICENSE_INVALID -10060 The panorama license is invalid.

Error code for specific programming languages


Error Code Value Description
DBR_SYSTEM_EXCEPTION 1 System exception.


Error Code Value Description
DBR_SYSTEM_EXCEPTION 1 System exception.
DBRERR_LOAD_MODULE_DLL_FAILED 2 Failed to load module dll.

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