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JavaScript Web SDK (JS/WebAssembly)
  • JavaScript Web SDK (JS/WebAssembly)
  • Windows/Linux Server SDK (C/C++, .NET, Java, Python)
  • Android/iOS SDK (Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift)
  • Desktop/Embedded SDK (C/C++, .NET, Java, Python)
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10,000 Barcode Scans US $1,249 / Year
50,000 Barcode Scans US $2,999 / Year
100,000 Barcode Scans US $4,999 / Year
15 Daily Active Browser Clients US $1,249 / Year
50 Daily Active Browser Clients US $2,999 / Year
100 Daily Active Browser Clients US $4,999 / Year
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Supported Barcode Types

  • Linear Barcodes (1D):

    Code 39
    Code 93
    Code 128
    Interleaved 2 of 5
    Industrial 2 of 5
    MSI (Modified Plessey)
    Code 11
  • 2D Barcodes:

    QR Code (including Micro QR Code and Model 1)
    Data Matrix
    PDF417 (including Micro PDF417)
    Aztec Code
    MaxiCode (mode 2-5)

    GS1 Composite Code

    Patch Code


  • GS1 DataBar (Omnidirectional,
    Truncated, Stacked, Stacked
    Omnidirectional, Limited,
    Expanded, Expanded Stacked)

    Postal Codes

    USPS Intelligent Mail
    Australian Post
    UK Royal Mail
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