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Enterprise-grade ID Scanning On the Go

Apr 11, 2022
Enterprise-grade ID Scanning On the Go

Reduce Manual Data Entry with Smart-ID Scanning

Quickly capture data from passports, driver’s licenses, and various IDs with Dynamsoft’s enterprise-grade barcode scanning and MRZ Scanner SDKs. Easily deploy swift, accurate, and compliant ID scanning into your web-based or mobile application with just a few lines of code.

High-performance Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) Scanning

  • Achieves a near 100% accuracy with innovative OCR engine that makes use of both neural networks & traditional imaging techniques, built-in regular expression verification, and cross-checking reading algorithms
  • Enterprise-grade speed and efficiency with features such as batch processing, auto border detection, auto blurred frames discarding, etc.
  • GDPR & HIPAA compliant to provide robust security with on-premise data processing
  • Compatible with multiple platforms and programming languages for mobile (iOS & Android), desktop, and web applications, allowing MRZ scanning capabilities integration with just a few lines of code

Fast and Accurate Driver’s license Scanning

  • Capable of reading the PDF417 codes and extracting information on driver’s licenses, and other IDs
  • Provides seamless functionality and works completely offline. No need for an internet connection to work
  • GDPR-compliant as the processing of the driver’s license data is on-device. All the captured user information stays in your closed system
  • Parsed the decoded information into human-readable formats directly after scanning the driver’s license

What IDs can be captured with Dynamsoft ID Scanner SDKs?


Build a robust ID scanning solution to capture and extract user’s information from the machine-readable zone on passports at different angles with near 100% accuracy

Identity Cards with MRZ

Scan national Identity Cards that have a machine-readable zone at an outstanding speed with brilliant accuracy

Driver’s Licence

Extract information from PDF417 codes on driver’s licenses, even without any internet connection

PAN Cards with Extremely Dense QR Codes

Quickly scan the enhanced QR code on PAN card that is extremely dense, which is a problem for some QR code readers

Aadhaar Card

Decode the QR code on Aadhaar Card and extract the cardholder’s information with a mobile device

Documents with PDF417 Codes

Read and parse PDF417 Codes on any document with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Why Integrate Dynamsoft High-performance ID Scanning?

  • Headstrong Accuracy & Pace: Near 100% accuracy at high speed with enterprise-grade barcode detection algorithm, camera enhancing functionality, and innovative OCR engine that makes the best use of both neural networks and the traditional imaging techniques.
  • Global Compliance: The safest, most powerful id scanning software trained to scan and extract data from IDs. The processing is done entirely on-device with GDPR in mind; no internet or server connection is needed. In other words, sensitive information never leaves your app
  • Seamless Deployment: With just a few lines of code, you can easily secure and implement the module with regular software maintenance.
  • Broad Decoding Spectrum: Proprietary technology lets you fetch data from almost every ID document in the world, including IDs with micro PDF417 barcodes, extremely dense QR Codes, etc.
  • Award-winning Technical Support: Our chat support is operated by the experts and not the bots. Awarded bronze medalists for sales & customer service at Stevie® Awards, our seasoned experts are always there to resolve your queries and clear your doubts.

Quickly Verify Identity Documents with Intelligent ID Scanning Software

With Dynamsoft’s top-grade barcode reading and MRZ scanner SDKs, you can quickly verify identity documents anywhere, anytime. You can easily integrate enterprise-grade ID scanning into web or mobile apps using a few lines of code. Select from hundreds of APIs to capture and parse data accurately to suit your unique use cases.

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Try online demo of Dynamsoft MRZ Passport Scanner SDK

Download sample code of Dynamsoft Driver’s License Scanner SDK

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