Annual Maintenance Contract

Customers who have a valid license for Dynamsoft software can now take advantage of a single, comprehensive offering for Software Maintenance and Support (SMS).

Maintenance Availability and Cost

You are ineligible for renewal if your maintenance has been expired for over a month.

After the one-month grace period, you can obtain the latest version of the software by purchasing the upgrade package. You may then also purchase maintenance for your updated license by paying the regular maintenance fee. Contact for more details.

Renew my maintenance

For Annual Licenses

All annual licenses include maintenance, with the maintenance contract having the same validity period as the licenses.

For Perpetual Licenses

The first year of maintenance is included with your new or additional Perpetual Licenses. You can renew your annual maintenance optionally.

The price of the maintenance is as follows:
1-year Maintenance: 20% of the latest license fee
3-year Maintenance: 50% of the latest license fee


Valid annual maintenance provides you with rights to major product releases so you can take full advantage of technology and product enhancements.

  • Free Minor Upgrade (e.g. v6.1 to v6.3)
  • Free Major Upgrade (e.g. v6.x to v7.x)
  • Patch files
Easy Integration

Premium Tech Support

You get access to our award-winning technical support.

Services Entitlements Basic Support Premium Support
Product Training
Up to 3 hours per year
Access to Non-Published
Demos and Examples
Access to Non-Published
Patches and Fixes
Target Response Time to
Email Requests
< 3 Business Days < 1 Business Day
Technical Support
via Live Chat
Up to 20 times per Year
Technical Support via
Telephone (Toll-free)
Technical Support
via Web Meeting
Up to 5 times per Year

Support Hours and Channels

Our support team is available over 20 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Access to our support services is very easy - you can contact us via Email, Online Chat, Phone Call and Web Meeting. Please check the contact us page for detail.

Lifetime Support Policy

Dynamsoft commits to offering maintenance and support for its product releases for THREE years starting from the general availability date of the last minor release within a major version.

Easy Integration