How to Enable Scanning to PDF in your iPhone App

Last Updated on 2020-04-14

It’s the mobile age. Users tend to do everything via mobile devices for its convenience. While you are staying home to work or on the go, that may mean you don’t have access to your office computers and scanners. Alternatively, capturing documents via your mobile phone is essential to ensure efficiency and connectivity.

So how do we make document scanning mobile? How to turn your mobile cameras into a scanner?

Next month, we will release a new version of our document scanning SDK, Dynamic Web TWAIN v16.0. This version extends the existing functionalities of its desktop web version to the mobile platforms. Soon you will be able to download Dynamic Web TWAIN from iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Read this article to find more details about the new release.

Release Highlights

  Added a brand new image viewer to deliver a unified document capture and management experience across Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

  Added capability negotiation with JSON format

  Added a method to create a viewless DWT Object to improve the user experience for single-page applications.

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